Texas police commit errors in response to Uvalde school shooting | USA TODAY

79 minutes passed between the time when the gunman in Uvalde, Texas, began shooting inside an elementary school and when police shot him dead.

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  2. Arm Chair Quarterbacking. That’s all this is instead of reporting that schools need armed security which is the real issue. Let’s critique what was done with what was available and deflect the real issue or know as the Democratic party way.

    1. I am critiquing playing arm chair qb. You had 19 officers in a hallway with children inside scared of one 18 year old with a AR-15 it isn’t a machine gun. Border Patrol came in and did the job of local law enforcement a disgrace

  3. This exemplifies the crucifixion of Indian sub continent men with targeted ads by the actors in the ad. I am from Bangladesh born in 1995 I was 6 when 2001 happened.

    We stand by the spray can of the 9/11 memorial in defiance of law administered by discrimination police enforcement and law enforcement

    And I stand by Russia in defiance of the United States of Americans law enforcement and enforcement of laws with their united State Navy army air force .

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  5. we remember Waukesha and we remember Scalise, bidet voters will be held accountable for the madness of these times

  6. Standing around in cowboy hats acting like they’re tough throwing parents in handcuffs as little children are murdered, absolutely despicable cowards.

    1. The police did make mistakes, however, the last thing they needed was a bunch of parents running into the school while cops were trying to clear it.

  7. Why didn’t they climb in the windows. There’s footage of kids being evacuated through a window, and all the windows were open. So why wait for a key????

  8. The cowardly police gave the murderer permission to murder. These so called men should spend their lives in prison.

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