Texts show indicted businessman link to Giuliani allies

David Correia, the businessman indicted along with Rudy Giuliani's associates Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, played a crucial role in furthering the business interests of Parnas and Fruman in Ukraine while the two worked to gather evidence of corruption by Joe Biden and his son Hunter, according to copies of text messages obtained by CNN.

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    1. SB ESPN my thoughts exactly, wife gets a million dollar “LOAN” from Russia, and moo boy is on the phone with the wife… to me sounds even worse now that we know the wife might be in the middle of the money.

    2. Nunes is probably following reporters around taking pics of them with his phone then ranting about being “harassed and stalked” by them…what a weak wimp he is…he is so much like trump…it’s everyone else never them.

    1. @Randy Smith How would u feel if Hillary owned a hotel and she then tried to force all the G6 countries to have them meeting at he property. To force all the nations to spend money are her property. IE Trump literally tried to do this before the rest of the Republican party said this is a bridge to far in corruption even for them?

    2. @Randy Smith Try to keep up the clause says payment. Nothing about doing for less money. Also these countries are not doing this. Multiple reports have shown the Saudi Government buying whole floors of Trumps Washington DC hotels above cost and not have anyone stay at them. If a government pays him for a room it is payment.

    3. @Randy Smith If someone tries to rob a bank and only get $20 but drops his wallet with $20 on the floor is a crime not committed because the bank did not loss any money? The clause says payment. Nothing about profit + or -. Or if the president is somehow spying on the governments.

    4. @Randy Smith It does not matter how many business he owns or how larger his corporate is. I thought u care about the constitution. If he still owns the companies and takes money from foreign governments he is in violation of the clause. Does not matter if he is running the business or not. U dont care about the US Constitution u are just a political hack who likes to call out the corruption of the Democrates, but are perfectly fine when Trump does it.

    1. @Psycho Sixx ooohhhhhur jealousy is showing psycho or is it ur mammy fault. U wish u were half the man OBAMA is or is it half the WOMAN HILLARY IS ???? COME ON OUT THE CLOSET LIKE lil donald pea brain trump lol poor thing thats what happen when grandpappies impregnant their daughters. U from long line incest i bet.

    1. @Paul Baker Real American’s who don’t cater to your broken two party system of buffoons and criminals trust the FBI. Merry Christmas.

    1. @Crystal Giddens …And yet you responded to me…insecure perhaps?
      I’ll be nice pretty lady, and say this…
      *Do you have something factual to post that defends *”your”* wh occupier?

    2. @Crystal Giddens …
      Thank you pretty lady, that clearly exonerates Trump, perhaps I should use that line in traffic court.

    3. @Crystal Giddens Yes Crystal I believe he is innocent as well. The thing to remember is this is a political process. Both in the Congress and in the Senate. We will see how the Senate handles this. I would like to see the Senate pick this apart before the American people.
      But remember the Democrats hate President Trump. So no matter what happens they will say he is guilty of something.
      And now that this has gone this far I hope to see some investigations And witnesses called in from the Republicans. I’m smart enough to know the Democrats only tried to show one side of this coin. There is a reason for that. And I’m old enough to know every coin has Two sides.
      I think the Democrats have a weak case at best. And I expect the Republicans are going to laugh at this for the joke that it is. And show it to be a fraud because it is. Just like Russia collusion, This is another Conspiracy Theory that the Democrats have bought into once again.

  1. Everyone who Trump knows or Giuliani are criminals and criminals break the law. If you do a crime expect to do some time.

    1. @Toni sumblin All that trump accuses of others HE IS AND TEN FOLD! Thank you for your thoughtful words. I agree OUR criminal justice system is so unjust and caters to the rich and wealthy…and punishes the poor much more for the same crime or one they never committed because of their “color” or being poor!

      The rich have plenty of attorney’s and “Money” to be released on bail…but others who commit the same crime who are not rich do not! Our country is actually going “backwards” since trump. And actually trump is doing the same thing in his administration as he did with the central park five and others….trump is lying and accusing INNOCENT good people of crimes they never committed..and then the made up “Obama” was not born here” BS made up lie BY TRUMP!…and his supporters believe him?

      Why would ANYONE believe a known lifetime pathological liar and not the ‘ rule of law” or “Federal officials” that are not corrupt like trump? trump got rid of all of the “vetted” professionals in his administration and now is surrounded as John Kelly told trump in the past “If you surround yourself withe “Yes people you will be impeached”…this I am sure was trump’s plan from the beginning..slowly get rid of professionals who will speak up and tell trump “no you cannot do this it is wrong and illegal”..and now trump has enablers all around him..and they along with trump and many Republicans will GO DOWN for supporting a traitor, Demagogue and hateful selfish Malignant Narcissus Fascist! He spouts off with verbal taunts and insults and lies towards all good people..and trump loves “bad mean people”…turned upside down America here we are folks! SHAME ON US! Vote blue as if your life and our country depended on it because at this point it does!

    2. @Paul Belardo Biden…HA HA HA…big time..or Pete or any of the Dems running..they are ALL the opposite of trump. MATURE, Intelligent, rational, SANE, well informed, articulate KNOWLEDGEABLE CALM not hysterical or screaming or ranting and calling everyone names or accusing people of false things and lying about everyone..Everything trump says others are HE IS NOT THEM!

    1. Pretty much the same idea as the dumbasses following any of the Dem candidates. Selling their souls for the phantom social justice and climate change/global warming etc.

    2. @Chris Brooks oooooo so scary. People wanting to help people and make the world a better place. That sounds horrible.

    1. @Dave Ponsford don’t talk about Obama (convicted terrorist friend as policy advisor). He is perfect. Unless you mean Hunter Biden, or do you mean Pelosi’s kid, I mean Kerry’s kid. Or do you mean all the left wingers that spent time with Epstein and called him a friend. Oh wait you mean all of Hollywood who covered for Weinstein or NBC that still does. I’m a little confused can you clarify before throwing another rock from your glass mansion. BTW the children of privilege were all working through the Ukraine with manafort trying to suck the country dry of all those us tax payer dollars floated over there.

    2. @AllTalk NoAction i think u fools really believe that BS dont u sad MENTAL ILLNESS seems to be common among u IMBECILES !

  2. See….. What’s going if you can’t understand is the moment everyone realized Ukraine was gonna do Trumps bidding it opened a FLOOD of Others trying to Bring Corruption into Ukraine!!!! That’s why Rick Perry was involved because he was working for one of his Old Texas donors trying to get him a piece of the new corruption pie!

    1. David Coker……as a Trump supporter you have long ago given up the right to call
      anyone else a liar……because if hell is full of liars……Trump will greet you at the door.

    2. David Coker Do you honestly believe Trump is worried about corruption…before his presidency…he structured his father’s estate to avoid paying $450 million in taxes; he scammed thousand with his fake University and had to settle $25 million; he stole from his own Charitable Foundation and fined $2 million; had 3,500 lawsuits with small businesses because he refused to pay. ..he proudly calls himself the ‘king of debt”; violated federal campaign laws paying hush money to porn stars…
      He going to Ukraine to try to manufacture dirt shows how scared he is of Biden.

    1. you got the wrong president. 44 is a catastrophe. History will show the damage he and the DNC did to the American melting pot and the middle class will take some time to heal. Drain the swamp.

  3. Nancy Pelosi is waiting to see how many more of these criminals fall out of tree. Or , trump throws under bus.

  4. It appears that all of this criminals, where waiting for some one like Trump so they can do their dirty work.

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