The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: June 23 | MSNBC

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The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: June 23 | MSNBC


  1. Trump thinks he’s a stand up comic once he gets in front of his idiots. He laughs while Americans die.

    1. 175,000 Americans died from flu and pneumonia every year of Obama Biden administration that is over 1 million dead in 8 years. Btw 3 George Floyd funerals held inside with hundreds not wearing masks and no social distancing, but news silent.

    2. @Washoewillie I haven’t worn a mask at all or social distanced and I live near Detroit where democrats inflated numbers.

  2. I feel so sorry for everyone in the United States; you’re facing a horrendous death toll with no leadership and even now, some claiming the pandemic is a “hoax”.
    May God protect you all…. ‘cause your Government doesn’t appear to be interested !!

    1. Thank you for your concern ,we will get though this ,most of all trump will be voted out,we will take our country back, peace and love to you and your loved ones ,

  3. “this will be the most corrupt election in the history of our country” is not a warning from trump but a promise.

    1. Exactly. He put his guy in charge of the post office. Republicans have built their careers on voter suppression. His buddies on the Supreme Court may well hand him the presidency when he loses the popular vote again

    2. Hey Williams—-how’s ur homie boy, Bubba doing? Yall seen any more hanging CHAD ropes??? 😂😂😂

    3. We already saw President Obama win the prize for most corrupt President in U.S. history. Did you see the news today? Probably not, because CNN and MSNBC weren’t broadcasting it. Flynn was exonerated by physical notes Peter Strzok took and were made public today. The Demoncrats are quaking in their boots. Do some research, hack.

    4. Think about the semi-recent mail-in voting “scandal”.
      I have a very scary theory…

      I think this is a completely thought out stunt by Trump and his re-election team. If he can get people absolutely outraged about “NOT BEING ABLE TO VOTE BY MAIL”, more people may choose choose to vote via mail in ballot just as a big F-U 🖕🏻to Trump. After the mail-in ballots are received, Trump could very well have A LOT of people (in the most important electoral states?) who are actually working for him “counting mail in ballots”. Aka: throw away all of Biden’s votes.

      If that’s what he’s doing, it’s kind of working. I actually was going to vote by mail,
      but now after thinking of why he’s really doing this, I now want to physically see my vote scanned in and counted. Idk. It’s something to really think about because we keep saying “what could he possibly do to us next”?

      I don’t believe that he actually thinks our voting system will be rigged by counterfeit ballots, as he won back in 2016 with many mail-in votes were received.

      We need to be very carefulabout the people in charge of counting mail-in ballots. Our justice system is already comprised with Trump as POTUS.

      Trump CAN AND WOULD make it much worse as he is absolutely determined to win at all costs. This could be his entire fail-safe way to win.

    1. Dont worry. Covid will go away with the next msm created crises. Only to reappear when it plays out.

    2. @Meheretu Getahun I was referencing the term “lost his mind” in light of Biden’s blatant dementia. The irony is clearly lost on you.

  4. Trump held up 14 million dollars for testing so he doesn’t need to tell anyone to slow down testing

  5. People are literally dying because of his lies, if it were you or I we would be in jail right now.

    1. jorge liranzo , he can’t read off a Teleprompter, without speaking like a third grader !giving a speech that he never Read before!

  6. If there is a Devil he dwells comfortably in these “prosperity gospel” mega churches…

  7. I’m the least racist person in the world…Then he throws racist slurs to appease his racist base.

  8. He’s right this may be the most corrupt election… Because he’s impeached and still running and asking other countries to help him win and over a hundred thousand have perished and homelessness is on the rise and our country is now a REAL laughing stock amongst other things…

    1. Exactly !!! And all he talks about is protesters , statues , and flags . Trying to make that everyones focus . Just keeps driving that wedge between us deeper and deeper . I keep thinking I’m locked in a nightmare .. there’s no way this can actually be real . 😢

  9. America does not need a racist President.We need a President who can be part of the country and will hold us together especially now.

    1. I say if mail in votes are so bad why did Don the con and his administration and family do mail in votes?

    1. @JACK KNOPF how is that orange Kool-aid tasting?? I think you have overdosed on it because you are a real nut job. How dare you attack the original commenter this way?? You know nothing about him yet you call him names. You are showing your bias and your absence of intellect.🙄

    2. The parents of the young people burning and looting businesses and throwing bricks at police should be ashamed of themselves.

    3. @Sheri Pardue you shame this person for name calling someone they don’t know then you do the exact same thing… I guess you’re to stupid to realize that tho

    1. Wayne Grover…….your comment is no longer relevant in 2020. The Faces of Russia and the USA have overcome their differences and China has stung the World with its carelessness. The arrogance of the American Ruling Class has been revealed by the Lion in the White House.

    1. And ALOT that don’t DIE are left with painful disabilities…. PLEASE GOD AND JESUS 🙌🙏😇 AND ALL THE GUARDIAN ANGELS PLEASE PLEASE STAY WITH US AND HELP US AMERICANS FIGHT 🇺🇸🕊️🕊️🕊️💃👼🇺🇸😇🐸🎶🎉🎊🎆💞🌠✨⚡🌟⭐☄️💫

    1. @Charles Perkins Deaths are a lagging indicator. It takes time for people to die. Cases rises, then 2 weeks later the death rises.

    2. @Nick L dude just stop. The only thing keeping this “virus” alive is the fake news media that’s it.

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