‘The American people have to decide’: Sen. McConnell on Trump being liable for sexual abuse #Shorts

Sen. Mitch McConnell was asked about the verdict that found Donald Trump liable in a civil case for sexual abuse and defamation of E. Jean Carroll.

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A federal jury found Donald Trump liable Tuesday in a civil case for sexual abuse and defamation of E. Jean Carroll in 1996 and said he should pay her $5 million in total damages, a verdict that could further complicate the former president's election bid in 2024.

The jury, which deliberated fewer than three hours, opted not to find Trump liable for rape but rather sexual abuse that injured Carroll. Trump told Fox News Digital he will appeal the verdict, and said on his Truth Social website that he still has "no idea" who Carroll is. "This verdict is a disgrace," the former president said in an all-caps post.

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  1. Time to retire old man. I know. I’m retired. Let these young folks take the helm. You can’t even answer questions posed to you.

  2. “I have no comment on someone I supported being charged with sexual assault an defamation”

    What a joke of a human.

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  4. Under different times, only one answered mattered….
    -This is the trash we have now for politicians.

  5. NY justice department is presidential politics!!?? President Trump is THE GOAT! Trump FTW!

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