1. @Brandy Courvoisier Brandy Courvoisier
      1 hour ago
      The Yanks are only proud when they’re all in a circle…naked…holding on. ,, You word for word ,,, Your the one who brought up the whole naked thing and now your back peddling saying its me >?? LOL!!!!

    2. Oliver Cromwell, Napoleon, Mussolini, Hitler, every leader of Russia since ever (other than Boris Yeltzen)… Donald J Trump. Every country ends up with a tyrant eventually.

    3. @Vincent B , you do realize that people have a protected constitutional right to think, speak and vote differently from you??

    1. Hillary lost. Biden stole the election. That’s the facts that you can’t face. CNN is lying to you

    2. @keepercreek Tell me how there were more votes in PA then live in the state? Google Watch? Don’t think so Far right and socialist

  1. The big grift continues and the rubes are continuing to fall over themselves to open their wallets.

    1. @Steve Thornton Oh keep giving it to Trump. He will be smiling as he is thumbing through the 20’s and hundreds, saying boy its great to be the greatest grifter ever. I’ve grifted more money than anybody. The biggest grift ever!! Nobody grifts like me!!

  2. Looking at history, it’s creepy to observe the similarities to the rise of the Nazis in Germany in the nineteen thirties.

    1. @Bridget Engle i agree with you completley about the looters being ‘black supremicicts’ ,but Biden being a KKK memeber is fucking rediculous!! His best bro is OBAMA!! SMFH

    2. LMAO.You people are crazy. Stop watching CNN,they are the ones selling America bullish….SO much fraud.

    3. @cliff head yeah, cuz fox news is based in reality and doesnt spread lies and misinformation as their entire platform hey?!! Leave reality to the ppl who aren’t mentally deficient, get back on your meds and try again in a few months!!

  3. Stupidity is infinitely more fascinating that intelligence. Intelligence has its limits while stupidity has none.

    1. “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

  4. When they can and will cheat the reds have no incentive at all to be better, tell the truth, live in reality …and to not kill people who disagree.

  5. They cry about ” cancel culture ” then trump reels off a list of Republicans he wants to cancel.. oh the hypocrisy

    1. @Dane Mart Propaganda being regurgitated is the Republican way of life. Then adding a little sugary goodness by bringing up anything controversial.
      Save us Jesus. The leftists want to take away your sexes, exes and even triple xxx’s. How will we ever find our parts or our partners parts during hanky panky time? Why would they try to rename babies or anything else? There’s going to be a time when my sperm need to be called Dane’s Wigglers.

    2. @Dane Mart sorry but only Republicans regurgitate alternative facts and what name is that because it’s always been called a fetus and fetus is not a baby no matter how many times you pro lifers say it is.

    3. @Jay M Thank you for making my point. Please enlighten me. What is the difference between a fetus and a baby?

    4. @Dane Mart the cortex isn’t fully formed until after 23 weeks so before then it has no feelings, no pain, no consciousness, no self awareness. After 23 weeks its a baby before that it’s a fetus.

  6. Today, Christian leaders who once took Islam to task for its alleged role in fomenting terrorism among a small group of extremists should now look in the mirror.

    1. @David Cohen You need to seek guidance from the Holy Spirit.. Not everyone who says they are a Christian will enter the Kingdom of Heaven . Not all Catholics are the same . Just like NOT all Baptists, Pentecostals, Charismatics, Seventh Day Adventists are true believers. Not all Muslims are extremists !! In your eyes people who cannot read or write won’t enter Heaven .. Stop teaching heresy .. The thief on the Cross never studied the Bible !!

    2. @Joy Simpson the same thing I said to the other person who put up the anti-american post. If you don’t love America and you live in America, please leave. Why live in a country you hate? Get the hell out. Don’t come back.

    3. @Christopher Phillips You silly fool .. I don’t live in the US .. So you can say it a million times I don’t give a damn . What’s , more , you wannabe dictator, you don’t have the power to choose who lives in America – you don’t own the country .. So keep dreaming Cheerio

    1. @Matthew Simmons Exactly! like all of those stupid prizes we’ve been dealing with since Donald (and his thuggish mob of morons) thought he was crowned king of the United States back in January of 2017.

    2. @Steffen Rumpel The count was correct but the ballots were illegal and mail-in votes unverified with the same signature. Bad job that the majority of Police and Military do not support the governing party who they know are as corrupt as Al Capone, although I have no doubt they will continue to do their duty. The rest of the world knows the election was rigged. Greetings from Ireland

    3. @Maisie Postlethwaite the election was rigged in trumps favor lol that is the only reason it was close. all the votes that were counted were legal, unless minorities voting is illegal(its not). Whats even stupider is that Trump is literally just the muscle of the republican mafia , and these greaseballs take turns sucking him off everytime they get a mic in front of them.

      Republicans are the exact type of people the US seceded from in the first place. Their whole platform is based on fear of a changing society, theres no substance or benefit to any of their policy proposals for anyone except people like them. They should be called the National inSecurity Council.

    1. @Jay M kind of like “who said protest have to be peaceful” i totally disagree. Spanish flu. Yup fucking racist.

    2. And Trump will continue down the same path to get attention.I just hope there aren’t more violent outbursts.He needs to be behind bars.

    3. I believe you might have been at a BLM/ Antifa rally disguised as a trump rally, sounds familiar

  7. Enemies list eh? Sounds like a dictator to me. This is what Gump supporters want. If he runs he would lose BIGLY.

    1. He will be never run for a public office again. He will be in jail. He is just fooling his supporters because he knows they worship him.

    2. @Lexo L Biden spent his first 4 hours in office signing 17 EO, to undue all of trumps fuckups. The only legislation trump was able to accomplish was the tax breaks for the wealthy. Your fearless leader was ineffective in getting congress to back his wild schemes and was reduced to executive orders.

    3. @Charles Anderson Evidently, you cannot disprove what I have said, so, maybe you can say which of Biden’s Executive Orders actually benefited the American people. I’m listening!

    4. @Lexo L Clearly my intent wasn’t to disprove anything. I simply explained why trump signed so many executive orders. ALL of the orders Biden overrode benefited the country. Had trumps ideas Had merit, congress would have provided legislation to make them laws, executive orders wouldn’t have been needed.

    1. @UCcN8feKn1jUdmgpMoTwXZrg In the U.S. we have the first amendment right to free speach, we do not however have the right to free publicity or access to twitter. Frankly I disagree with them banning him, but to insinuate that not giving him free air time or not allowing him to tweet is anything like what the nazi’s did is just intellectually dishonest.

    2. My opinion, the more the better people need to know what he is up to otherwise we can get caught by surprise by the 942 hate groups in America. Millions of them voted for Trump. 0 tolerance to Nazism. Trump is very dangerous. He began having control over Europe by bulling them. Europe really are done with him.

  8. Not just in 2020, he’s been whining, “airing grievances” for the past 4 years. Probably longer.

  9. This is how a democracy dies. At the feet of a golden statue, being choked to death by the “law and order” party.

    1. @George Gaskin …yaw do a good job in censoring yall selves and cancel culturing your own. Every rep that opposed the orange idiot were censured in the end. Oh and Trump did want to take your guns without due process. Claiming he’ll take the guns first then worry about due process later. Or did Trump only want to take the guns away from black and brown folks???

    2. @S C It was a very, very close thing; and it was very close on multiple fronts. We came within a hairsbreadth of losing it all. To deny that is to assure losing it next time.

    3. @Bart Nichols Yeah, and why is that? When Trump won in 2016, the GOP controlled everything, and in 4 years they control only the judicial branch. This is what happens when you elect a psychofascist lunatic that America hates.

    1. Its like the Roman Senate, they want someone who the mob loves…anything to escape the mob! (Not the mafia)

  10. Because the devil named fred, spawned his child named donnie. A con man can only succeed if you swallow his con.

    1. @Harold Moore Somehow nancy’s husband was right on investing into tesla stocks at the right time. Wonder how..

    2. @David Cohen Nooooooot Truuuuuuue….Go Talk To Ol’ Mitch McConnell….If He’s Man/Old Enough To Tell The Truth…

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