The Bye Line: Getting Vaccinated Is Our Patriotic Duty 1

The Bye Line: Getting Vaccinated Is Our Patriotic Duty

In this week's Bye Line, Jonathan Capehart has a question for those who refuse to get vaccinated or wear a mask, “If you don’t care about the rest of us – why should we are about you?”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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The Bye Line: Getting Vaccinated Is Our Patriotic Duty


  1. Antivaxxers shouldn’t go to the hospital when they get covid. They’re taking a bed away from someone who needs surgery or had a heart attack. The hospital should give them Theraflu and send them home.

    1. @V everyone can wear a mask but most decide not to. I was at a cadino last night, it was jam packed with maskless people.

    2. @Bill Argueta I don’t care what the cry babies do. They can take horse wormer for all I care. That herd needs thinning.

  2. Tell Tyler when he takes a hospital bed someone else may die because they can’t get that bed! Such people have already died because they can’t get medical services they need.

  3. That student at the college has now made the rest of the students miss their class- that they might have needed to go on and get their degrees– what a mess!!!!

    1. Not to defend that student in any way, but there might still be hope for the others! Many Georgia universities offer online alternatives for in-person classes. Although it sucks they couldn’t learn in-person, those who did the right thing and only wanted to get an education will likely be just fine

  4. Yes Jonathan, I agree %. If selfish vaccine deniers don’t care about us; why should we car about them? Enough already!!

  5. This student claimed ‘I can’t breathe’, wait until she actually has Covid! She really won’t be able to breathe then…

    1. Absolutely right.
      If they’re having trouble wearing a mask now, they will most definitely have trouble wearing a ventilator.

  6. If you won’t watch our back, why should we watch yours. If you want to be out of civilization, then you’re out

  7. ‘Why should we care about you?’. The health care workers, who’s lives the unvaccinated jeprodize, never say ‘Why should we care about you.. Children! Did your parents not teach you the Golden Rule? Another thing. It’s NOT just about YOU. It’s about all of US.

  8. Do you know what is really sad about all this? The parents that are clamoring about masks being required for children going to school. They are actually practicing “CHILD ENDANGERMENT” sending their children to school without protection. This should be looked into by Child Services because it is no better than leaving their child in the car while they “quickly” run to the store.

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