The Canada-China continues to deteriorate, what can Prime Minister Trudeau do? | TREND LINE's Rachel Aiello and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos talk with former diplomat Paul Heinbecker on the state of Canada-China relations.

What can Canada do moving forward? Is there a way out of the situation with Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor?

Also, Nik weighs in on the Conservative Party's policy convention and explains why a defeated motion on climate change could come back to haunt Erin O'Toole.

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  1. PM JT will be hitting the bong a little harder tonight & maxing out his blacksmith crafting skill in EverQuest.

  2. Absolutely nothing. They don’t take Trudeau even remotely serious. He’s like a baby mouse in the face of a lion

  3. Lol gonna enjoy seeing the Carbon Tax be used to boot up Alberta’s tech sector to assist our American allies & their semiconductor shortage. Said semiconductors we Albertans can contribute to by using our precious metals & oil to produce. Oh yes, we do factually have the needed resources to produce.

    1. as soon as CANZUK has open borders to freely move/work anywhere in the union > emigrate to Australia or New Zealand ASAP (get away from N. America, forever)

  4. He should exchange himself and another of his cabinet for the 2 Michaels. He can do something honorable and think of his legacy.

  5. He can take the 2 Michaels places. Even trade! One egotistical failure of a leader, for 2 Canadian citizens, I’d say that’s fair.

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