The Fox News pattern behind Trump’s pardons

The Fox News pattern behind Trump's pardons 1


CNN's John Avlon takes a look at the eleven people President Trump pardoned this week – they all have a Fox News connection, according to the New York Times. #CNN #News

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  1. Yeah Trump really learned his lesson from impeachment. The only thing you can say about Republican senators at this point is that they are soft on crime.

  2. Fox News dictates his every move.

  3. So according to Tucker Carlson, when a jury of your peers finds you guilty of seven felonies you should get to walk. Did I get that right?

  4. _______________________________ | February 23, 2020 at 12:16 PM | Reply

    Drain the swamp? More like stocking the swamp with swamp creatures of all stripes.

    • Jerome Pizinger | February 23, 2020 at 1:40 PM | Reply

      Swamp is a funny analogy, not to the people of Florida. Draining a swamp is such a white man’s statement, always destroying. How about we just call them endangered species, old white politicians. Get rid of the all of one should allowed to run for Congress unless they can literally run up to there office !!

    • changed the swamp to a sewer and filled it with rats,

    • @Jerome Pizinger I’m just going to make a guess here that you don’t like white people? Yet you live in a country where 62% of the people are white. No one is forcing you to stay here

    • @Mike , if tRUMPTURD supporters don’t like it that U.S citizens have the right to criticize their president,they are Free to move to a country where that kind of thing is illegal.

    • @Monica Hennig good for you defending the racist guy

  5. Yup, all the criminals accused and convicted of financial related crimes..

    • he should’ve pardoned and commuted terrorist like obama..then you snowflakes would really piss yourselves even more

    • Cool Hand Mark | February 23, 2020 at 7:33 PM | Reply

      The Obama Derangement Syndrome is strong with this one… collect it’s tears, they will sustain us all for a long while along with the others!

  6. Right what wrong? This fool got caught is that the wrong that requires righting? This is likened to a mob boss pardoning his own button men! Other presidents pardoned people whom were actually wronged, Roger Stone and the gaggle of criminals he is pardoning were convicted by a jury of their crimes. Most others end up in jail as a result of a plea deal more than ninety percent.

    • Chasbo Daniels | February 23, 2020 at 9:09 PM | Reply

      Yep, it makes no sense, but we’ve come to expect the audacious, venal and arrogantly self-serving behavior of that lawless, orange, career conman POS.

  7. I let out crooks like me.

    • William Burgess | February 23, 2020 at 5:00 PM | Reply

      Obama commuted, or pardened 504 life Sentences. He also traded 5 isis leaders ,for an Army deserter.

    • I think the entire idea that Presidents and Governors should be able to overturn any proper judicial judgment is wrong. The rest of this is just you standard Trump haters drama.

    • Cool Hand Mark | February 23, 2020 at 7:33 PM | Reply

      The Obama Derangement Syndrome is strong with this one… collect it’s tears, they will sustain us all for a long while along with the others!

  8. The pattern is very simple. They all reflect Trump himself.

  9. Orange Caligula has the best pardons money can buy! Can we say emoluments?

    • Barbara Smith, are you an ignorant or a hypocrite or BOTH?…Obama issue 400 Pardons + he issued 1715 commutations, more than the past 13 presidents combined.

    • @vrnc M Neither. You are entitled to your opinion. I’m not here to judge you.

  10. Breaking news: The Nixon tattoo on Roger Stone’s back says it has no intentions of going to prison with Stone, and it wants to make a plea deal with the prosecution. It’s ready to talk. 😄

  11. Kathleen Hammett | February 23, 2020 at 12:35 PM | Reply

    Obama didn’t ‘wimp out’, he let a convicted criminal serve his time..

  12. Radwulf Eboraci | February 23, 2020 at 12:37 PM | Reply

    Ahh, Tuckerrrr the Fuckerrrr what a guy. Trump has been on a dictator tear since the ‘acquittal’ and trying to bury the fact that he is ‘Impeached for Life’. For time immemorial he will be introduced in all mentions as ‘Impeached President Donald Trump … I would humbly suggest that ALL media whom he refers to as ‘fake’ should begin this practice immediately.

  13. Shielded by Banana Republicans, trump rages on.

  14. Why be presidenting when you can be golfing, twitting, and pardoning.

    • @Tiber Zeek Greatest economy in modern history ???? Obama gave him a hell of a headstart and if you go back and look at the economic numbers in 2010 moving forward you will be able to see it as fact, unless you are afraid too…. the economy was already improving when trumputin took over….. and you failed to mention that trumputin is increasing the national debt at a faster rate than Obama, also Obama created 70,000 more jobs per monthly rate in his last three years than trumputin has in his first three. I could go on but I have made my point

    • @Dennis Manson: I’ve seen all the numbers clown, you don’t even know what to look at. Obama’s recovery was the worst in history, besides FDR’s horrible performance. And Obama had $870B “stimulus” and three QE’s that make Wall Street banksters rich. The stock market flatlined Obama’s last two years and exploded as soon as Trump was elected. His numbers are much better than Obama, period. Also, your brainless parroting of the fake Russia theme is hurting dems with moderate voters and makes ZERO sense when looking at how Trump has dealth with Russia vs. 
      Barrack “l’ll be more flexible after the election” Obama.

    • @Ilia Smirnoff: Aren’t you the clown who needs the safe space? 😂

    • @Tiber Zeek No, you are.

  15. Patti. Blago. Is a criminal too . She’s lucky they dident go after her.

  16. Hey Patti, the “righting” of the “wrong” was your POS husband getting convicted and put in jail. That’s how it used to work before Trump came along, sunshine.

  17. Convicted by a jury of peers doesn’t matter anymore? It does for the middle class and the poor.

    • Helen G. Pitts | February 23, 2020 at 8:29 PM | Reply

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  18. Fox News trying to destroy western civilization?

    Big shock there…

  19. Remember when Republicans used to say that they were for law and order, individual responsibility, and being tough on crime? That was hilarious.

  20. “Agent Orange could end this travesty in an instant” by cutting his wrists then his throat live on Russia Today 2.

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