‘The Goal Is To Get To The Truth,’ Says House Member Of Jan. 6 Committee

The House select committee formed to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol will hold their first hearing on Tuesday, and Rep Pete Aguilar, D-Calif., joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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'The Goal Is To Get To The Truth,' Says House Member Of Jan. 6 Committee


    1. If you want to start a civil war against half the country, then keep up the inflammatory rhetoric. I don’t think I need to tell you how you Dems fared in the last civil war, do I?

    2. @Rodney Boehner I don’t think I need to tell you, you’re describing DOMESTIC TERRORISM!! Extremists are so hilarious.. Good Luck to you!! The U.S. military is the BEST!

    3. @Rodney Boehner Today’s Republicans are yesterday’s Democrats, or have you failed to notice how the Deep South votes?

    4. @Allan Burns Of course, today’s Dems like to accuse everyone else of racism as a smokecreen to deflect any such accusations against themselves. Meanwhile, they’re the ones behind all the police brutality and mass incarceration of blacks in Dem-run cities where the Mayors, Judges, and police are all Dems today and yesterday.

      Any honest person who is not racist would have the decency to own their past atrocities against minorities instead of acting like a child and ranting, “Everyone else is racist besides us!!!”

    1. @Marc Lewis He violated the compound and control act of 1974. The act was written after Nixon did the same thing . So you are wrong about no evidence. He withheld Congressional appropriated funds. Which is a crime. Clueless.

    2. @Ryan R so you obviously don’t know what he was getting impeached for the last time. You clearly didn’t watch the impeachment trial.

    3. @Marc Lewis He was getting impeached the first time for withholding funds from Ukraine (funds that were approved by Congress) in order to manufacture prosecution of his political opponent.

    4. @Marc Lewis Are you referring to the first or the second of the two impeachments for the two time impeached one term president? Because the first absolutely was about the compound and control act of 1974. If you were referring to the second for inciting a riot then we can talk about that one as well..which one you up for? I’m game.

  1. The first goal is the truth. Once we know who was responsible for 1/6, we need to make sure it never happens again.

    1. “The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters,”
      -Kevin McCarthy, January 6th, 2021.

  2. SICK TO MY STOMACH listening to US Capitol Police Officers testify at the Committee Investigating The Terrorist Attack on US Capitol.

    1. Boohoo look at those crocodile tears. There are cops getting shot at and ambushed every day, and that cop said he went home and cried because a few crazy people called him bad names…

    2. @Jonathan Kolbinsky 7 dead, 140 injured, laws violated.

      So your defense is that others have it worse? Wow, ok, well if you’re ever a defense attorney in a court case please let me know so I can hit up Vegas and bet it all that you lose the case. $$$$$

    3. @Marc Lewis; You need to focus and stop being so asinine, one has nothing to do with the other. I could lay it all out, but you go look up reality and learn something before you do any more of your ignorant, bigoted spewing. Much of the damage invoke was by drumpf supporters.

    4. @Guy North tell that to all the cops that had to deal with rioters DAY AFTER DAY For months. I my self thinks it’s all bad. Only the Democrats want to feel bad for these police officers. They didn’t give a crap about all the other police officers that dealt with this crap over and over again. Not just one day for a couple hrs. It’s a dog and pony show AGAIN. Just Watch nothing will come out of this but political garbage.

    5. @Guy North they want to get to the bottom of this so bad that they ain’t having another hearing till September lol. Yep all I witnessed today is a freaking political dog and pony show. It was pathetic!

  3. You might want take a look at the underlying causes and the material conditions of the American people. They are living through the humanitarian crisis of their lives.
    It would be refreshing to hear a journalist engage in the acts required by the people which are determining: what’s our situation here ? what caused it? what’s the remedy for our current situation which is one of crisis?
    The American people need to discuss. What kind of world do we want? What kind of society do we want?

  4. An system that is unjust, breeds unjust people. They feel entitled as if no rules apply to them. But this time America cant deny it anymore. Either deal with them or lose your democracy. Sweeping them under the rug has failed.

  5. I find it surreal that no one questions the odds of 1 police officer having a deadly stroke. 2 police officers had deadly heart attacks and 1 police officer committed suicide.

  6. “The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters,”
    -Kevin McCarthy, January 6th, 2021.

  7. We need to know if there was any one from congress or senate or their staff members involved in what happened on Jan 6th if so, hope they get criminally prosecuted and immediately disqualified for reelection as per the 14 ammendment

    1. It’s more a question of what Republicans WERE NOT involved in inciting the insurrection. Every last one that pushed the Big Lie is guilty.

  8. Joe! A question *shall NOT* … take 80 seconds to phrase! (2:52-4:10) *First:* write your questions down beforehand! *Second:* don’t interrupt your own questions in the middle with embedded subclauses! Watch yourself afterwards and observe how you interrupt and makes a mess of your own questions by hacking them to haggis! Train your ability to pose questions correctly on your spare time!

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