1. It wud hav been nice if BJ cud hav been on ur program these 2 wud hav had to bag there face.they r lie n

  2. Guyana has money to waste for another election while people are hungry and suffering. Very Sad sad

  3. The moderator asked the female attorney for any evidence to support the allegations of fraud. None was presented.

  4. PPP plans: if results dont favour us. We will call the all the persons criminal and point our fingers

  5. That is exactly what I am contemplating, there was REPRESENTATIVES FROM EACH PARTY PRESENT AT THE POLLING STATIONS HIRED BY THE GOVERNMENT. THE Captain logic is so poor 😢, he probably cannot Captain his own home. He is a liar to his own family. The lawyer should make her arguments together with Sanjeev. Both the Captain and Lawyer are so blind sighted when compared to the international ,regional and other observers who CLEARLY concluded that the conduct of the voting process was observed to be free and fair. An intelligent 10year old would tell you that 15,000 persons cannot die or immigrate out of the country on that particular day or even voted twice. We would have seen the sky being busy with hundreds of helicopters.OR/AND hundreds of deaths with in that period OR even long lines at the airport. You two people are so absurd and asinine. The system of voting was so transparent and legitimate when compared to other countries of the world.

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