The issues facing Canadian politicians in the New Year

Political analyst Michael Geoghegan weighs in on cabinet deciding on a new oil sands project and the Conservative party finding a new leader in the New Year.

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  1. The top 1% did extremely well this year the 99% left DID NOT This is backwards to the way it should be and WRONG Fix it lefties Now would be nice!

    1. @Lynn Johnston who cares? someone has to be in charge while he vacations, he is entitled, hell i get 5 weeks vacation, why shouldn’t he?

    2. @Snake Bite You are right “who cares”….he doesn’t work when he is in parliament anyways!! The country is fractured and the system no longer works….but hey Trudeau needs his vacations.

  2. Hey Gary…….stop blaming everyone for your problems. You made your bed now sleep in it. If you can’t save enough money change things in your life…….I did this twenty year ago and have never looked back.

    1. It’s not your Canada, this attitude is the problem in this country. Get Trudeau out and get back to the business of Canada.

  3. A start would be demanding that Trudeau is held accountable for all his ethics violations and the other 337 public SERVANTS referred to as MP’s, stop playing politics and start doing some actual work. No more games.

  4. This is just a result of the politics of splitting a pie. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is surging ahead in this time of great opportunity and potential.

  5. Canada under Trudeau’s Liberal Circus has squandered opportunity after opportunity to help Canada prosper. History will not be kind to Emperor Narcissus.

  6. Well after Alberta leaves Canada. Canada can cut there emissions in half. A win win situation Canada reaches it’s targets and Alberta has independence.

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