‘The key is Meng Wanzhou’: Restoring Canada-China relations

CTV's Michel Boyer explains the contentious issues that led to the arbitrary detention of Canadians in China.

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  1. Since Biden is lifting restrictions on Iran and Meng was arrested for deportation because she was sidestepping those restrictions then soon her crime will no longer exist.
    Odd also that Trudeau only has decided to follow ‘rule of law’ in her case when he has broken every other rule he comes across with impunity.
    It is a national joke when
    he even says those words.

  2. “The key” is to either hand this wonan over to the USA or send her home.
    Canada has no busines being in middle this garbage.

    1. @Frank Muller eh? You don’t think that maybe it’s because she stutters constantly here, interrupts slightly and seems to stumble over the words ?
      Sheesh Frank mAyBe Its BeCaUsE sHe’S sAyInG sTuFf He DoNt WaNt To HeAr

    1. @ERASERHEAD no she didn’t say that. The 2:38 is where she is wondering what would happen. I said – from what I’ve read that has already been addressed.

    1. Absolutely, well past time. We should be loudly supporting Lithuania in its courage to open a taiwan embassy.

    2. Ya let’s recognize both and then put the phone to Voice Mail for a few weeks. Maybe that will get some attention 😂

  3. Why has this deportation case still not been decided?? How many years does it take to decide whether someone should be deported or not?

    1. @Francis Campbell because they appeal the case. It is like it take so much time to get the court summon for speeding

  4. Isn’t it crazy how two countries “relations” come down to one person from each country being “friends” or not. Absolutely asinine.

    1. @Daniel Dionne Nope. Look at history. Trump and Putin got along, no issues. Why do new world leaders meet each other? To literally balance relations lol.

  5. All these western countries standing side by side Canada are the same countries that refused the USA extradition request.
    Meng travelled through 8 western countries all got the same request to extradite, all refused.
    Stooge Canada accepted.

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