1. Mike, I didn’t think the judges allowed January 6th insurrectionists to use social media while awaiting trial.

  1. Everyone: The republican base can’t possibly be this stupid to actually believe the election was stolen lie.
    Maga cult: Challenge accepted!! 😜
    Everyone: 🤦‍♂️

    1. @James Smith I am glad Biden is The Commander in Chief because domestic and global cr@p is going sideways and he will have to take all the responsibility since it’s his circus now.

  2. The most difficult argument is to engage in to an argument with an ignorant person, majority of the GOP, QAnon and Trump supporters are very ignorant people.

    1. Ignorant people are those who are narrow minded hypocrites, believing that they are exclusively righteous.

  3. The GOP thought they got rid of a nasty bug, little didn’t they realize they unleashed a lion….

  4. i think we should eliminate party designations all together. first, if we have 50 rep. voting one way and 50 dems. voting the opposite way regardless of issue, we only two at that point. without party lines, politicians would actually vote the way their voters want them to, not a way they are told by the party to vote. thats real representation, what we have now is not representation at all. its party lines or your screwed. not the way our founding fathers set things up to be.

    1. Party designations are not the problem. The problem is that the parties filter towards the extremes in the primaries. The easy fix is to remove the primary system as it is and add in the jungle primary that Georgia has. The two highest vote getters then advance. The problem with this also happens to be the strength in that it requires the parties to work towards a balance in their candidates in an effort to make sure their voters are not too diluted, and it requires the parties to actually try to moderate to gain the largest number of voters. The problem is that it could actually eliminate a party that could win the election proportionately. I.e. suppose Party A has candidate 1 who gets 13% and candidate 2 who gets 12% of the vote, candidate 3 who gets 14%, and candidate 4 who gets 12% of the vote. Party B has candidate 1 who gets 23% of the vote and candidate 2 who gets 26% of the vote. Candidates 1 and 2 of party b are the only ones in the general, and yet, the platform generally of party A wins a majority of the votes at 51%, but has no member in the general election. Ranked choice voting could fix that deficiency because most voters that want the platform of party A would be able to rank those 4 candidates higher. Ranked choice voting then works to find out who a majority of voters want by filtering through the rankings.
      Getting rid of party designations makes it so that a voter has trouble identifying a particular politician’s platform. Media coverage for local elections is rare. Getting a debate is almost impossible. At least knowing the party can lead to some idea of the opinions of a person. For judges, it is almost impossible to get information on their rulings as well as the judges need to appear independent.

  5. The ‘big lie’ that Biden ‘won’? 😘 BTW, how is America benefitting from Biden’s polices? 🤔

    1. @Sarah F 4.0 What is truly sad, and alarming, is people continue to support Biden despite the obvious fact that he has done nothing good for America, quite the contrary.

    2. Vaccinated fellow Americans!! Stimulus package; reuniting kids and parents! No scandals to cover up! Attorney General who is working for us for justice!

    1. Be thankful Biden is the one in the Oval Office who will be responsible for everything that happens in the next 4 years and none of it is going to be good. The last laugh will be on Republicans.

  6. “big lie” = Russia collusion for 3 years straight. All day, all night.


    1. Tell that to the Republican led Senate Intelligence committee that found Russia interfered in our election. Tell that to the Republican Mueller, Comey, Sessions, Rosenstein, Mccabe. Why are all these Republican legislatures and Governor’s saying it was the safest most secure US Election in History.

    2. @Sandra Lewis
      You clearly have no idea what their findings were. It was determined that there was no significant tampering that could’ve made ANY difference whatsoever. Yet you just banged on about it… hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year

  7. Nicole: The adherence to the big lie is the password to the nuthouse’s clubhouse 😂😂😂 Love it!

  8. Sooo, we’re seeing a break from the broken GOP by conservative, backbone-inspired, moral Republicans? AM I wrong? We just might see a new GOP who actually wants to keep Dems honest, but are willing to work across party lines! I’d really like that. It is not the easy way, but keeping each other honest should be what both parties want – and also, please – your constituents are important, and need good governance. Oh, please…

  9. Ooook, we’re still talking about my congressional dude, Adam K. I WILL vote him back in, even if I have to jump the line to do it. BTW, GO LIZ!

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