The Post-Coronavirus Economy: Is Abnormal The New Normal? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

The Post-Coronavirus Economy: Is Abnormal The New Normal? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


With unemployment numbers surging to a historic 3.28 million, is the economic reality after coronavirus going to be radically different that what Americans are used to? We talk to Sam Stein. Aired on 3/26/20.
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The Post-Coronavirus Economy: Is Abnormal The New Normal? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. If big corporations get bailed out with taxpayer money every time, and the taxpayer isn’t guaranteed health care or steady compensation even when employed – hourly workers living paycheck to paycheck, what’s the incentive when the poorest become canaries in the mine for the wealthy?

    1. I think the majority of people don’t understand why the republic was set up, it was to control the scrabble of the herd. Slavery was never abolished, it was reformed to include all. 99% STAY THIRSTY, COMRADES!

    2. The money going to the large corporations like Delta, American Airlines, Hilton, Princess Cruise Lines etc are all loans with interest and some will give up stock and it is these company’s that employ millions of people that would not have jobs otherwise, the small business are loans to unless they us all the funds on employees, leases/rental etc, which then they are grants which is to incentivize them to stay in business. You listen to idiots from this network or CNN who forward crap to attack Trump, wakeup!

    3. @doug Tudor i think you are missing the point. Buisness gets bailed out with taxpayer money but taxpayers don’t get bailed out.

    4. @I am Nobody No, this is not a bailout, the money going to the larger Corporations is a loan that has to be paid back with interest and the taxpayer is getting stock in the company, which these loans will help the employee stay employed and have a job going forward.


    1. I think what he means is this crisis is going to put perspective of manufacturing a bit more in the states in case of emergencies like this one that is putting a hinderous on necessities that we depend from other countries . ie medication.

  3. Yup, Trump blew it! The US economy will take years to recover and perhaps years to stop the spread of this virus.

    1. Consistently Random everyone in charge blew it. Anyone with an internet connection could see what was happening in China and no one did anything to stop it from spreading here.

    2. @American Scarelines same here in the UK. Our scientists started talking about herd immunity… now they’re talking about lock downs.

    3. @American Scarelines So very true! What those commie fools put that Dr. the Opthamogist through for shouting the warning, only to have him die from it in the end, is so very sad. Not picking on the Asians, but they do have very unorthodoxed ways of doing weird things. Bats, of all things, hanging in their shops for sale and whatever else they use them for. Over all these many centuries, shouldn’t folks be enlightened by now?!

    1. @Consistently Random it’s meant to be a bit of levity is all, but go ahead and be angry…I can see you’re too smart to joke around.

    2. Whats happens if Putin gets him relected in 2020, because people vote against their own best interests?

    1. @C MORE does not matter if you know someone with the virus or not the more contact she has with coughing customers the more chances to get it. you do understand not everyone gets it, but many do carry the virus and not get sick.

    2. @Tommy Loika Don’t be afraid to tell the ill mannered low lives to cover up. If you don’t have masks, use a banddanna or scarf to cover yourself. Your health is at stake. Please stay well.

    3. @C MORE We all know, maybe not personally, but we see it play out from Country to Country, Cruise Ship to Cruise Ship etc. Do you know anyone who fell from it? Make sure you stay well, ok!

    1. @who put this car herethey’re right next to each other on the keyboard it’s a mistype not an IQ test. Lmao

    2. @Flare Stone Exactly. Also interesting to note that the spelling troll missed a capitalization, an apostrophe, and a period in their short comment.

    3. @who put this car here Notice on your keyboard, the e and w are next to each other. There are pressing problems facing us right this minute, and misspelled words are the least of it

  4. That was weird.
    I said, “No, not at all,” right before Mr. Stein, like there was an echo in my living room.
    Eventually, the economy will return to normal, whatever that means.

  5. They need to quit worrying about the economy and start paying attention to what’s needed to save lives.

    1. @Ezio Auditore That is what the thieves are afraid of. No wonder Trump said Easter Sunday is a good timeline for withdrawing the stay at home order, that the Churches will be packed on that beautiful day. That is exactly what he wants. People will be infecting each other in every pew. We all know how he feels about God. We see it in his behaviour every day, the DEMAGOGUE that he is. Has he implemented the PROTECTIVE DEFENSE ACTION to order Companies to start production of vital equipment?! No, he hasn’t!!! That tells me, the less people are protected, the better for him and his cohorts. There’s a lot of evil being perpetrated right now. That corrupt Falwell wants to open his “University” and no doubt is advising Trump to open Churches.

    2. @Bunny Hop That is an asinine ?, isn’t it?! @For Hire may not survive…God forbid, but others will!!

    3. Bunny Hop the government invested too much money into making sure I know how to survive. Trust me, you’ll be okay. The media is driving your blood pressure through the roof. Where was this outrage for Swine Flu casualties? SARS? Ebola? Did you get sick from any of those?

  6. The emptied shelves in grocery stores are new to everyone except those who live in areas that are hit by hurricanes.

    1. Compare that to the people who live in communities without grocery stores…only corner stores n gas stations!!

    2. Superlative C5
      Not really.
      Over yonder we dig up rations left behind from WW2 bunkers.

      Inside “Pure Michigan”
      U.S.A (L.L.C)

  7. 1. This virus will most likely come back next year- be prepared. 2. All these poor souls staying in ICU for WEEKS do you guys have any idea how that’s going to affect inurance rates and economy? I tell you what- very few are going to get paid. Trump making the statement about getting the economy going for Easter- no. Dont listenTo him. The virus will most likely stay active and we will have a second wave. There are asymptomatic carriers out there. God help us all.

    1. skorpia g Good call. Insurance is already driven up in part because people are so unhealthy in good times.

    2. skorpia g…..I have no doubt in my mind, Trump wants people dead. Have you heard him say a kind word to anyone who’ve lost loved ones?! He says Easter is a good timeline, the Churches would be packed, it would be beautiful, he says. Imagine those Churches, pews packed, people standing close together and all of them going home for their Sunday feasts, not having a clue they’re infected it. Diabolical!

    3. People are going to die. It’s inevitable. They’re going to die whether they’re working or not. Right now, the important part is getting people back to work and exposing them to the virus to gain immunity, as well as making sure the economy doesn’t collapse, leading to widespread famine, crime, and murder. Not just for us, but for our children so that they don’t suffer the effects that us millennials did from the 2009 recession. I’m willing to sacrifice to make sure that that can happen. In no way would I be selfish enough to ask that the world stop dead in its tracks for me. It’s about the needs of the many, no the good of a few. It’s a new virus, which means if we don’t gain immunity now, we’ll have to lockdown like this every time it spreads should it become seasonal. You can’t run and hide. I have COVID-19 and am dealing with it as we speak. I’m glad I have it, because I know, once I get through this, the worst is behind me. My body is developing antibodies to fight this if it should happen again, meaning that a second strain, and second strains are always weaker and less lethal than the first, won’t stand a chance. The people who are hunkering down and waiting for the big bad wolf to go away are going to have a rough go of it when the world decides next time, nope, we’re not locking down and those uninfected are forced to contract it. You don’t want to face the reality of the situation, and the reality is infection is inevitable. You can’t hide. You’re eventually going to contract a cold, stomach virus, flu, or any other germ. This is no different. Get it now, get it out of the way, and hope you survive. Statistically, the odds are in your favor either way.

    4. @LoyalT1987 Yeah, we know you’re loyal to Trump the LIAR and political manipulator, so I’m telling you that YOU’RE A BOGUS FOOL!!! You go back to work. No one wants to stop you.

  8. Don’t believe anyone pushing over-confidence or a false sense of security….Lying Trump and his lying minions. Look at New Orleans and Florida. Things are getting ugly there fast.

    1. If this continues the economy will tank, the President will declare martial law, and the elections will be cancelled. Be careful what you wish for.

  9. * The economy will not return to “normal” after this wave of the outbreak. It will appear and reappear for 12 to 18 months.
    * People will avoid public spaces and large groups of people. Not just to avoid infection, but also to save money for the next wave of outbreaks so they’re not caught unawares again. They’re going pay off credit card balances big-time and get ready for hard times.
    * The Republicans cannot be relied upon for additional stimulus bills in the future. Passing this one will cost many of them their jobs.

  10. Trump: We are leading the world in Covid 19 Cases.. this is so HUUGE.. It’s great to be an American. We are in the finest country in the world. We are world leaders.

    1. Yes, more Americans getting the virus means potentially more Americans ending up dead on Trumpsky, Putin`s Puppet`s watch. Take another meaningless bow Donnie!

    2. David:. America now, has surpassed China and Italy in number of cases. This is not a guess, it’s real! Stay well.

    1. Hvalpikk……They should their big PERMANENT tax cut money back into the dwindling economy, but instead, they have their hands out again with bugged out eyes, to get more from this $500T relief fund. This whole thing is like $Jack Sprat and his wife”. They all lick the platter clean!

    2. Hvalpikk……They should throw their big PERMANENT tax cut money back into the dwindling economy, but instead, they have their hands out again with bugged out eyes, to get more from this $500T relief fund. This whole thing is like “Jack Sprat and his wife”. They all lick the platter clean!


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