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  1. @8:17 Battery prices have been falling. I have customers with battery systems who use absolutely NO power from JPS month after month.

  2. Not on the grid so mi nuh affi deal wid jps an them power cuts fi extended period an them raise price whenever them feel like just fi mek alot of profit

  3. If more people are going solar, at some point wouldn’t there be less fossil fuel required?
    What would happen to that savings?

  4. @3:03 What about allowing the excess energy from more *inspected systems/approved solar users* to be pushed back to the grid and paying them fairly?
    *Suggestion – Compensate at a 1:1 Ratio*

  5. A few comments that stand out to me. 1 The JPS has not delivered on its mandate of providing cost effective energy toits customers. 2 As some have already commented Battery costs are on a downward trajectory 3 The expertise necessary to modernize the Grid is already here in Jamaica untapped along with Phase #1 of a prototype installed at the CMU in 2015

  6. This whole energy situation is shameful. I am sure there are solutions that could be helpful to the Jamaican people’s budget, but they probably would not benefit the big companies.

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