The Stunning And Possibly Illegal Lengths Trump Is Willing To Go To Get His Wall | Deadline | MSNBC 1

The Stunning And Possibly Illegal Lengths Trump Is Willing To Go To Get His Wall | Deadline | MSNBC


MoveOn's Karine Jean-Pierre, WaPo's Eugene Robinson, Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude and former DOJ spokesman Matt Miller on the blockbuster reporting that Trump directed aides to fast-track construction on the border wall and said he would pardon them if they have to break laws to get things done
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The Stunning And Possibly Illegal Lengths Trump Is Willing To Go To Get His Wall | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Emperor BoneSpurs BabyCager is cooking his own goose. Corrupt, stupid, bully, INSANE. Don’tcha get it? He’ll end up with his own inquisition and torture.

    1. @Sweet Willy I wasn’t actually asking. I’m saying that it’s not an argument. Who built the facilities is irrelevant in the context of how they’re now being used and the treatment of the people who are in them. If you can’t get that then I think that it may be you who should think about it.

    2. kez kezooie they were used to cage children under Barry O that’s the pics you saw from 2014 that got your panties in a bunch when you thought it was Trumps doing

    3. @Sweet Willy Same old delusional talking points. Are you honestly as thick as this comment makes you appear?
      Completely different circumstances and type of treatment of children and you know it.

  2. Progression of Trump:
    Most hated person in NYC
    Most hated person in NY
    Most hated person in USA
    Most hated person in the world
    Most hated person of all time

  3. Dictator moves…. Immigrants fought for the world Democracy…let not the blood they shed go un answered…

  4. ABSOLUTELY impeachable behavior. It is time. This is moral turpitude on its face, far beyond the likes of Clinton (Bill) and Nixon.

    1. Sorry numbnutts can’t remove him with republicans holding the Senate so he’s there till at least January 2021 maybe 2025

  5. “Win at any cost, whatever it takes” seems to be the motto of the President of the United States.
    And he’s willing to take everyone down with him. wtf

    1. Chump #45 knows he is screwed and will take the U.S. and whatever other countries down with him. He’s the largest threat America has seen.

    2. S A : That’s why he keeps losing. He’s given his fans the exact opposite of what they want. But, they don’t want to here it, when you tell them that Donny CAUSED the Migrant Influx, DELIBERATELY, for example. They’ve stuck their necks out, too far. They dread hearing, “I told you so.”

    3. Ciara ooh : Without the crutch of Obama’s Economy, that leaves RACISM. Trump will have to put all his energies into that. It will get worse, before it gets better . . .

  6. If you are surprised that an insecure wannabe dictator that has been enabled by our friends, family and neighbors is acting on his natural instincts, well you are not so bright.

    1. @Brian Gann as I have done on other posts it’s time to challenge all of you who use the “liberal” as if it’s a sin. Do you even know the meaning of the word or just toss it around because it’s the right wing thing to do.

      Liberal: definition.

      1. Open to new opinions or behaviors. In other words, not closed minded.

      2. Concerned mainly with broadening a person’s knowledge and experience. Wow, that’s such an awful thing to be.

    2. @3LD I am not living in a bubble, but you obviously are living in the alternate, make-believe world of the conman Trump who has miserably failed to keep any of his campaign promises.

      40% of the American Public must be as racist as Trump is. If you are one of his followers, maybe you are a “White Nationalist” who supports “White Identity” politics.

      I am glad I am not in your racist bubble. Trump is going to lose because his poll numbers are steadily going down, they were around 44% and are not 40%.

      He is NOT a good businessman and never was. His father, Fred Trump, had to bail his idiotic son out of many bad business deals he made to the tune of over $70 MILLION DOLLARS.

      The NYT reported that in a ten years period the “brilliant” businessman managed to lose ONE BILLION DOLLAR. AGAIN ONE BILLION. This was more money lost than the cumulative total of all Americans for the same period, 1985-1994 – 327.2 MILLION PEOPLE, and Trump lost more than all of these income taxpayers.

      Since you are in a “bubble” of denial you may choose to ignore the facts as reported by a reputable newspaper.

      I never said I didn’t have any family member, friends or neighbors. You blatantly lied and misrepresented my comments.

      I am also puzzled by your odd sentence . . . that I need to throw down (what does this mean?) can’t you use clearer language to express your ill-informed statements?

      I don’t live in a “Liberal” utopia because it does not exist. I am not a space cadet like Trump and his lemming-like and sycophantic followers who believe his pathological lies and fabricated conspiracy theories.

      Thirty-seven psychiatrists collaborated on writing a book titled “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.” They collectively agree that he is a “pathological narcissist.”

      Additionally, he has been under tremendous pressure by over twenty (20) investigations and court proceeding against all of his criminal enterprises.

      This pressure has made his mental disorders worse to the point where they consider him to be in a state of full-blown psychosis. For example, he recently said he is “The Chosen One,” that he is King of the Jews, and he wants to drop a nuclear bomb on the hurricane brewing in the Atlantic Ocean. He is totally deranged and is a “raving lunatic.”

      People who are psychotic have lost all sense of reality. They live in an imaginary world where the facts are what they say they are. He has told over 13,000 lies since he was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017 — according to the Washington Post who has been keeping track of his blatant lies.

      I hope you are content living in your imaginary, “White Nationalist” bubble.

      Have a nice life and my condolences for when the raving maniac is not reelected and goes to a Federal Penitentiary for the rest of his miserable life or at least a sentence of 25 years for the hundreds of crimes he has committed while in office.

      No need to reply with your non-sensical and uninformed racist comments.

    3. I don’t mean to burst Frank M’s bubble after so eloquently accusing me of being a racist in a post the size of a Tolstoy novel, but I despise Trump and his supporters who have enabled him. All I am saying is none of us should be surprised he is acting like a fascist dictator, because we all know and have to tolerate these Trump enablers some of which are indeed long time friends & family that we pull our hair out trying to make them see the error of their ways.

    4. @Frank M Martinez Ahh, sorry to burst your bubble Frank, but you are preaching to the choir. Maybe you should go back and read my posts. I have written thousands, that look a lot like yours only not as long.

    1. @Pensa Simpson Perhaps i’m pro American because I support it’s president? How about that?
      You’re the Anti-American, you listen to Propaganda outlets like this who tell you America is racist and support democrats who want to let illegals flood the country and vote without ID. But no, i’m the anti-American here.

    2. @Pensa Simpson Why do I support white nationalism if the president has condemned it? Also do you know my skin colour? No, so shutup.

  7. if anyone takes him at his word, seizes land, and faces a trial.. You REALLY think trump is going to bail you out??? You? A nameless contractor?

    1. @Lotta Sunshine Those supporters are hard to understand Trump lies and they pretend it is not so ! yes I remember it well ! He said those violent people in his audience were told that he ,personally ,would pay their bail and publiclly noted that he would not just kidding not funny to the guy in jail

    1. @Pamela Wiles who did you think that list was about? Lincoln?

      Edit: or do i need to add quotes to his statements to spell it out for you?

  8. Congrats to all weak Americans who have been pining for an insecure authoritarian leader, it looks like your dream has come true. That being said, ultimately freedom loving Americans will win out.

    1. 3LD Nice opinion, back in reality Trump has been and is making this country a better place, someone told you a lie.

    1. Eddie is one of the most prescient and erudite commentators on MSNBC. His earlier analysis that the open racism enabled by Trump was merely the natural outcome of the racism inherent in the Republican Party was spot on.

  9. Build the wall! Just make sure it consists of 4 padded sides and a bouncy floor for the boy king toddler in chief. Pretty sure Mexico would pay for that.

    1. @sharon olsen Me too, nothing fancy though, all we need is a few sturdy pallets and a few discarded urine and feces stained discarded mattresses from the homeless shelter, nothing is too good for the dear leader. And oh, no need for soap or toothpaste he can manage without.

    2. I don’t think the padding is necessary. Concrete and steel, just like in his child detention centers. He can drink and bathe out of the toilet also

    3. sharon olsen should be pretty cheap. Lots of people will fund it….see you all great minds think alike. I personally think it is too nice. A bit of water boarding and a bit of chainsaw might be more warranted…….trump gets off on it done to other people.

    1. It was always a con. He just never expected it succeed. Now, like a Ponzi schemer, he has to steal from whoever he can to keep the charade going.

    1. Trump: uhhhh, I never said Mexico will pay for the wall. If you take look at what I said, and I think you know this, I said “…and NEW Mexico will pay for it.”

    1. Sad thing is a lot of people will see it as their “patriotic duty” and gladly hand over the land in exchange for $$$….

  10. is anyone really surprised? He has been violating people’s rights ever since he has been president, and the list goes on and on.

    1. tammy goodman if his refusal to show his tax returns doesn’t tell you he’s been breaking the law well before being in office , I don’t know what would

  11. Yeah thats Trump. Cant get anything done without lying, cheating or breaking the rules/law. People who have to do that are weak!

    1. “Cant get anything done without lying, cheating or breaking the rules/law.”…and if you do don’t worry, Trump will pardon you

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