The Supreme Court allows access to mifepristone, the abortion pill, to continue for now | USA TODAY

The Biden administration asked for a review of mifepristone access by the Supreme Court, leading to a decision to halt restrictions.

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The Supreme Court on Friday allowed full access to the abortion pill mifepristone, resolving for now a massive and fast moving conflict over the drug while the underlying lawsuit is decided.

Of immediate significance were restrictions on access to mifepristone that were set to take effect at midnight, including a requirement that Americans sit for in-person visits with doctors and a prohibition on the drug being dispensed through the mail. The Food and Drug Administration lifted those restrictions through a series of actions since first approving the drug in 2000 but a federal appeals court had put them back in place.

The Supreme Court's decision Friday means those restrictions will not be imposed and the drug will remain available as it was prior to a series of court orders limiting access to it. As is often the case in emergency appeals, the court did not explain its reasoning.

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  1. Ooh did they “allow” it? My state has a stockpile. Maybe I will “allow” the Supremes to continue their charade of holding court like some kind of unelected noble class without rioting…for now …

    1. @Douglas Sepic 😂😂😂 my thoughts exactly when reading their comment! Like, didn’t y’all do that and spread 💩 all over the walls already?

    2. LOL! What exactly do you think you are going to do about it? Have a tantrum and hold your breath?

  2. I love our society

    You know how many kids I would have if it wasn’t for these pills!?
    Saving me thousands of dollars

  3. Of course Thomas dissents. When is he gonna start wearing his NASCAR-style robe covered in his wealthy sponsors?

    1. @David Dillard Johnson It would be pretty funny if all of our govt reps and judges had to wear their top donors on their suits.

  4. I still don’t understand how they can’t blatantly see separation of church and state. This is good for now but what lame excuse will they come up with later

    1. ​@TheologyoftheBody you’re stopping a life from being created though, you’re still guilty for preventing someone’s birth because of your mistakes

    2. ​@TheologyoftheBody even if science supports theology of life at conception, which, the Bible has been saying for thousands of years?

  5. They SAID it was all about “States Rights” and they had no intention of going after national abortion restrictions/bans, but that was a blatant lie. That was their intent all along…

  6. We gotta compromise w each other y’all what if we let them do it once but we make them get surgery after so they can never conceive again

    1. ​@Diego Mountin no, because they’ve already demonstrated a complete disregard for personal responsibility and accountability. They have already shown that they are bloodthirsty monsters and they can’t be trusted with children anyway.

    2. @Diego Mountin Giving them the chance to do something bad once with consequence is not worse than giving them unlimited chances with zero consequence. I know it’s wrong to do it even once but we gotta compromise and limit it as much as we can

  7. It is true that American couples need to start having more children ASAP… but this is not the way to do it. This was barbaric. Would like to start having serious discourse about increasing fertility rates though.

    1. I’ll start it lol. One of the biggest blows we could deal to abusive employers undervaluing employees would be to reorganize as nuclear families. We reduce the workforce, which shifts power away from employers and into the hands of workers. This creates a more sustainable population, better workers rights, and better mental health for children in one fowl swoop.

  8. What the F? It’s OKAY TO MURDER A FULLY DEVELOPED BABY IN THE WOMB OR SHORTLY AFTER BIRTH in the most hanous way without concern for the living beings pain or weldare whatsoever BUT TAKING A PILL TO PREVENT development of a fetus to begin with is unacceptable???

  9. This comment section is a mess, but personally, I would like to get y’all’s opinion on this. Personally, as a conservative, I do not believe that abortion is mortally right nor justified. But I am willing to have an open and respectful debate regarding this.

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