The Top 10 Stories Of 2019 Ranked By The Associated Press | Morning Joe | MSNBC

From Trump's impeachment to Brexit, the Associated Press ranks its top 10 stories for 2019. Aired on 12/20/19.
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The Top 10 Stories Of 2019 Ranked By The Associated Press | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I tell Pelosi, you know that the Senate will do the unethical action of summarily squashing it. I would keep it hanging over his head and don’t send it to the Senate until she decides when it will have the most impact. I still think starting a trial, at sometime in the future, maybe beneficial. But she has to be in control of that, and let him wait for it.

  2. Here’s how I would rank the top 10 stories of the year:
    1. Donald Trump impeached
    2. Accelerating environmental destruction due to global climate change
    Globally, this would be the #1 story, but for the U.S., impeachment seems bigger.
    3. Continuing shenanigans around Brexit, and the December election in the UK.
    4. Ongoing Russian interference in the U.S. and other countries; Trump still Putin’s puppet.
    5. Human rights abuses by U.S. at the U.S.-Mexico border and against immigrants nationwide.
    6. Millions of Americans have no or inadequate access to health care— U.S. still the only industrialized country without a universal health care program.
    7. Despite world’s highest gun violence rate, U.S. Congress does nothing about gun control.
    8. Higher education is increasingly unaffordable in U.S.
    9. Housing is in increasingly unaffordable in U S.
    10. Trump betrays Kurdish allies by acceding to Turkey invading northern Syria.

    Some of these subjects may not be seen as headline news because they have been going on for years, but in terms of their overall importance, that’s how I rank them.

    1. Sounds like Awan did a lot of bad stuff. But why concentrate on a bit crook like that when we have the horror of Trump in office?

  3. person of the year is for good people that do good things trump is only known for doing stupid things like lying and cheating elections and being impeached for high crimes so why would he think that he deserves to be considered for the person of the year what a dumb ssa

    1. @padseven well liberals like myself have had a deep hatred for FISA courts since they were introduced under George W. Bush. Trump has done NOTHING about them and instead labels anyone in the U.S. Government who won’t pledge personal fealty to him either a traitor or deep state operative – while misdirecting from and mislabeling that which actually IS the deep state, FISA courts and the so-called “Patriot” Act.

    2. @Adam Prall we are closer in thinking than you know…. I despise GW with every ounce of my soul. President Trump has done more than you know or has been reported. “Drain the swamp” is not a reference to politicians. Corrupt politicians can and will be voted out of office. Corrupt judges however are lifetime appointments. If you really are liberal then you should support human rights. DJT has done more for human rights in 3 years than every President before him combined. This WAR is not left and right it is good vs evil. Whether or not you believe it, the “evil” is being exposed……

    3. padseven The thing is he is the evil. Charlottesville, mocking a disabled man, gold star family, children in cages, an alleged raping of a thirteen year old girl, molesting women, tax breaks for the rich, Helsinki, and lying every time he opens his mouth or Twitter account.

  4. China had the ability to stop the protests, save lives, and the world millions of dollars.
    China merely had to fulfill its promise to allow HK autonomy.

    1. So sorry your poohsay hurts. Go home and cry to your momma. Motran helps too. Fake news is all you got. Try jumping off a bridge.

    2. @Ron Kek Take a look at mediabiasfactcheck. Have a look at all of your favourite sources and then have a look at all the ones you think are fake news. You decide which sources are selling you fake news and which ones aren’t. I bet most of your sources are in the conspiracy theory category.

  5. Comey was head of FBI and It was the FBI that applied for the Fisa warrants.
    Although under pressure or being encouraged, the buck stops with Comey.
    At least as far as the warrants are concerned.

  6. It was too bad that Donald Trump did not get TIME Magazine person of the year.
    Saying “TRUMP MAN OF THE YEAR 2019: IMPEACHED”! 🤣👍🤓


  8. Hear are really the 10 most important stories for MSNBC:
    #1 President Trump bad
    #2 President Trump bad
    #3 President Trump bad
    #4 President Trump bad
    #5 President Trump bad
    #6 President Trump bad
    #7 President Trump bad
    #8 President Trump bad
    #9 President Trump bad
    #10 President Trump bad.

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