“The west wants out”: Separatist sentiments growing in Alberta

"The west wants out": Separatist sentiments growing in Alberta 1


Wexit Alberta founder Peter Downing says his movement is 'very serious' after over 100,000 energy jobs were lost in his province.

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67 Comments on "“The west wants out”: Separatist sentiments growing in Alberta"

  1. West is leaving and so is the Yukon and the Territories. Thank the liberals.

  2. Perhaps it’s time to move out west.

  3. If liberals win federally I’ll go west; take my taxable income with me too.

  4. The Liberal Party is cancer.

  5. If Trudeau wins I will lose all hope in Canada. If he wins I would support separation. I don’t care what the cost is. I don’t want to be part of a country that hates me.

    • that is why don.t vote for anybody from Que. if they win will continue .hating the west
      let Que. separate ///

    • Vote PPC! I am from Quebec and I love Alberta. I don’t buy the propaganda. Please don’t hate all Quebecers based on the actions of one dimwit we foolishly chose to elect. End equalization

  6. Trudeau would rather buy oil from his Wahhabi friends in Saudi Arabia.

  7. Alberta needs to leave

  8. Separation poll in Alberta would be extremely flawed believe me most of Alberta wants the hell out

  9. Yes, the very stupid British Parlimentary system does NOT work with a uneven distribution of the population in Canada. Both the House of Commons and the Senate are structured the same way. Political power remains in control of Eastern Canada forever!! Why we didn’t incorporate some of the American system of government is beyond me. Put some equality in our political system!! Too late now!! Republic of Alberta!!

  10. The Liberals have been so devisive. They are not Federalists. I fear for the future of Canada.

  11. leslie p campbell | September 25, 2019 at 10:37 PM | Reply

    if Alberta is leaving I’m moving back to Fort Mac definitely want no part of Trudeau’s Canada’s

  12. you are always welcome Albertans, from you south neighbor. USA needs a northern TEXAS.

    • A lot of oil and mineral wealth in Alberta, BUT we have lost 100,000 jobs over the 4 Trudeau Liberal years.

    • yann zahn we need to stay Canadians to keep our better health care and education it would be a down fall on the average citizen, we pay almost nothing, hospitals are free any type of check up is free the only thing we really pay for is our meds which are relatively cheap

    • @Daniel Webby That’s not true. We pay for it through our taxes collectively.

    • Yes, but you guys need to talk to your senators and Congress to start talking openly about Alberta and Saskatchewan joining the union

  13. If Alberta leaves, their population will triple over night.

    • Ronald Humen it’s ok, we have the resources to sustain them, if they’re willing to work for them.😉

    • Kevin Beausoleil | September 26, 2019 at 1:22 AM | Reply

      Ronald Humen no kidding.

    • More like it loses half. Left leaning cities like Edmonton will almost positively stay with Canada

    • @James Ricketts because we were so worried about the NDP “Holding the line” on Edmonton last election. They can leave. They obviously do not hold the same stances as the rest of Alberta, which I actually find odd since Calgary flipped back with their larger population.

  14. Yes!! Let’s separate!!!! And NO it’s not hate!!! It’s RAGE!!!😵😱

  15. Hell yeah! I’ll vote to saperate in a heart beat! Bring it on!

  16. If Justin Trudeau wins again war will happen on the streets

  17. Lloydminster is my home town. I’ll be a separatist oct 22 if Trudeau is still pm.

  18. I’m with you 100% from Saskatchewan.

  19. I’m an Albertan. I’m all for it. Time to leave.

  20. As an American, I really don’t care what happens other than I hope Alberta finds a way to give Ottawa the middle finger for all the suffering the Liberals have caused them over the past 50 years……

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