The White House is getting its first rescue dog | Animalkind 1

The White House is getting its first rescue dog | Animalkind


This is how a German shepherd named Major made his way from a shelter to the White House, making history along the way. 🐾
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When President-elect Joe Biden moves into the White House, he'll bring his German shepherd Major with him, making him the first rescue dog to live there.


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  1. yes support your local dog charity or dog pound, so it is very hard to get a dog from them, which I understand why,it is hard to get dog now so i was lucky i got one with help of my family

  2. I’m glad he has a support animal to help him cope with the stressors of his position, and also his obvious cognitive decline.

    1. @Ishaan Krishna are you ok? Are you sure you commented on the right comment? Nowhere in my comment did I mention that the election was possibly stolen or make any kind of excuse. All I did was mention that his cognitive function is obviously declining. I encourage you to watch any speech he gave during his time as Vice President and compare it to any recent speech. The decline in functionality is painfully obvious, and the fact you people put him in a position of power to control our nuclear weapons is mind blowing. America has become the laughing stock of the world.

    2. @Andrew Dover A. America was the laughing stock of the world since 2016 when we elected this fool to be our president.
      B. I thought you were a trump supporter since the majority of people make these types of comments

    3. @Ishaan Krishna Most of the world leaders have respect for Trump. They weren’t laughing at him by any means. He has averted many possible major conflicts, and has even begun the Abraham Accords to try to bring peace to the Middle East. The world leaders and citizens of other countries are laughing at the fact that you put that bumbling idiot Biden that lets children play with his leg hair that turns blonde in the sunlight in charge of a whole country. None of this negates the fact that I didn’t mention anything about Trump, an election, or make any excuses in my original comment.. You have obvious reading comprehension issues and lack of cognitive function just like every other member of your delusional political party.

    4. @Andrew Dover Ok I will accept he has done SOME good things but what major crisis has he averted?? I’m not even doubting you this time but I have literally not seen this on the news (by this I mean major disasters, and the Korean nuclear crisis wasn’t mostly solved by trump), and I really need to know why you believe why the Democratic Party is delusional.

  3. US presidents always like to focus on superfluous things. There are many important matters to handle, yet you are adopting a dog into White House. 🤦‍♂️

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