“The Whole System Isn’t Going To Change Based On One Officer...” 1

“The Whole System Isn’t Going To Change Based On One Officer…”


Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is back behind bars this morning after being handed down a 22.5 year prison sentence for the murder of George Floyd. Members of the Floyd family, attorneys, and many activists were pushing for the maximum sentence of 30 years, but they're hopeful an ongoing federal indictment will add more years to Chauvin’s jail time. Former Minneapolis NAACP president Nekima Levy Armstrong, who was instrumental in bringing the initial video to the police, tells Ali Velshi that the federal government’s involvement is long overdue.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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“The Whole System Isn’t Going To Change Based On One Officer…”


  1. All of you are assuming he’s going to actually last 15 years in prison. My educated guess says he lasts less than 10.

    1. @Debra Johnson The Justice Department has accused Chauvin of using excessive force, violating Floyd’s civil rights, and deliberate indifference to Floyd’s suffering, the other officers also will face charges. Federal charges often carry penalties that are far more severe than those levied by state courts.

  2. They’re good at making examples of a few, especially the ones with lots of media attention, it’s way past time to change the system.

    1. @L.Destiny Jordanian so by your ignorant logic if everyone is doing it whether good or bad follow along. That’s extremely logical and why blacks will always have the white man doing ALL the thinking for him.

    2. Such anger from a comment, thanks for letting me know you’re paying attention. You get sooo afraid when you realize you are losing the grip on power and control. Ignorance is the root of your thoughts and words . The system was created broken, that’s why it’s being broken down piece by piece in front of your very eyes, because it’s that time Love, guess you guys aren’t enjoying the show, awwww .

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  4. To respect others as free and equal persons requires that the moral demands made on them are uniquely justified from the impartial perspective. … Indeed, only an evolved morality can be justified to everyone.

    1. You people are a big part of the reason this country is in trouble. You support a CON MAN who did nothing for Americans FOR 4 YEARS BUT DEMEAN A MAN TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING. YOU ARE SICK.

    2. @Sydni Downey You don’t know what you’re talking about. These are things joke biden has actually said and done. You just don’t want to hold this president accountable and the the last president has nothing to do with it.

    1. joe lyin is a racist ,but the media loves him and the black community because they love free stuff

  5. Have prom lost there common sense? Why would a cop murder someone knowing there is a camera on him? The only reason he was charge for 2 degree murder is because of public anger. He should of been charged 3rd degree only. There is no evidence showing he planned the murder.

  6. Why would would they?! 99.99% of police officers are rocking good people. Like skin, color has nothing to do with anything.

  7. An appeal will be granted due to two major faults: You cannot award a wrongful death BEFORE a civil trial. Activist jurors were proven to be part of the jury as a result of a wrong wrongful death award. Meanwhile Chauvin will spend time in witness relocation……witness to a corrupt kangaroo court.

  8. Thank you derek chauvin for cleaning up the streets from criminals. You are a real hero.
    GOD bless him

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