“The worst is behind us”: Canadians finally home from Wuhan

Megan Millward and her family are relieved to have landed in Trenton, Ont.

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  1. Welcome Home πŸ™‚
    I hope you all stay healthy and virus free during your quarantine period.
    Blessings to your family and the rest of the Canadians that have returned safely.

    1. They don’t live here and he never has. He doesn’t even have Canadian citizenship. But he took a limited seat on that plane, which we paid for, from a Canadian citizen because he got her pregnant….

    1. Which Canadian family doesn’t get to see their Canadian family member return because this chinese guy took their seat? That plane had limited seats for Canadian citizens…not chinese citizens.

    1. Go back to hell please. I’m sure you’d be begging and sucking anything to come back home if you were them

    1. He’s chinese and he never has lived here. Glad you’re ok with whoever they left behind for a foreigner. Limited seats on one plane. A Canadian got screwed for sure.

    1. His home is China though. Who’s seat did he steal? Limited seats on one plane. Would you have been ok giving up your seat for him?

  2. Canada comes through….I hope they are healthy and back into Canada to pay their taxes here to cover an evacuation and health care monitoring once they pay back 2-3 hundred thousand should be square.

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