There have been more than 25,000 COVID-19 deaths in Canada | 'It's a terrible milestone': Bogoch 1

There have been more than 25,000 COVID-19 deaths in Canada | ‘It’s a terrible milestone’: Bogoch


Infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch says we 'can't forget the 25,000 Canadians that have lost their lives' during the pandemic.

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    1. @Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha your just jealous that my MASKARINO has made me a hero !!!!!

    2. @Jayden Friesen mabye if you just joined me in being a superhero and wore a MASKARINO we could save grandma and ease a few restrictions

    3. Only two weeks ! Its only two weeks !Only two weeks ! Its only two weeks !Only two weeks ! Its only two weeks !Only two weeks ! Its only two weeks !Only two weeks ! Its only two weeks ! Yada yada yada

    4. @Schmovid 84 just be like me and wear your MASKARINO!!! You can be a super hero by masking up staying home and saving lives !!

  1. SAD.REALLY. But, Can they publish the data on their ages…how many were 75+??how many 30 or 20?

    1. the average human lifespan is *_79 years_* … Covid patients died from a *_lethal_* condition only recently identified as *_”old age”_* … the mortality rate ForPeople who contract *_old age_* is *_100%_* for those over *_80,_* so don’t go outside or you’ll catch it

  2. Tell you benefit “ WITHOUT” telling you the risks.

    That is NOT a doctor.That is big pharma VACCINES SALESMAN

    1. this pandemic is the biggest pay day big pharma has ever seen. What a great get rich quick scheme!

    1. @Primmakin Sofis Exactly. 25,000 “Flu” deaths in 1.5 years is actually…. a bit of a slow year, really.

  3. I’m so confused, thought I just read ‘Texas Reports Zero COVID Deaths’..
    “Winston, how many cases am I holding up?”

    1. @Ian Campbell I highly doubt that because you’re guessing. I, on the other hand, have accurate information that’s never had to be updated because it was accurate from the start.

  4. Thank you PM Buttercup for closing air travel , imagine if you kept personal feelings out of it and used common sense.

    1. They will lose license for telling the truth. The debt bubble needs to ve covered as long as possible with evictions ban and mortgage deferral with emergency measures in place.

    1. No one dares to even cough or sneeze fearing to go into quarantine or get injected with flu shots for no reason.

  5. Pandemic used to be before Covid 10 % off population. With Covid not even 1% is fine to shut down world, very interesting

  6. Thought we have around 500 on respirators. There’s a 95% chance you will die when placed on them. That’s why deaths so high. We still have all those deaths coming, plus any others that are placed on them.

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