These are the consequences for China if it provides lethal aid to Russia

CNN's Kaitlan Collins sits down with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to discuss international security and China relations amid the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. #CNN #News


    1. The average citizen in Russia has not had their lives changed by the sanctions, besides higher prices on some imported goods. Until then, there will be no revolt.

    1. @Upper 90 Trump’s corrupt father paid off a doctor to give his worthless son fake bone spurs diagnoses to avoid serving his country in combat in Vietnam, no one in the Trumps family has served in combat, his grandfather was a draft dodger in Germany, that is why the coward came to the USA, Rotten FAMILY TREE

    2. @luis velez LoL, so now I’m a child because there is no physical proof of spy balloons from China during the Trump administration 🤣😂 man I can’t stop laughing at you

  1. the Chinese peace plan for Ukraine don’t match with UN general assembly vote which urged Russia to immediately leave Ukrainian territory

    1. They don’t even have a peace plan for their own country, their own people, what do we expect to hear a peace plan for Ukraine from them?

    2. However, Zelensky said there were a few interesting points. He has also offered to meet with Xi. The problem is that the Chinese are supporting Russia and their “peace” plan is very pro-Russia. So a conversation between Xi and Zelensky could be interesting.

  2. 141 countries have voted for Russia to withdraw from Ukraine
    China gains more if they help VP do the right thing. World hunger is affected & China could help with the rebuilding of Ukraine. There is no downside.

    1. China cares more that Russia doesn’t collapse than they care about what you think they should care, on top of the US sending more military, arming Taiwan and Pelosi going to Taiwan, China already warned that they want peaceful reunification but if there is no path they will use force, if the US makes it impossible to not have any way but force, then China will know that either way it will confront the US militarily and provide direct assistance to Russia.

      It’s not even that China has anything personal against Ukraine, it’s that sadly for the Ukrainians, they are against the one country that China does not wish to have bad relations with or have it collapse.

    2. Where was that vote and what did it accomplish? Russia still has the second biggest military on earth. China is third.

    1. ​@GhostPirate LeChuck it’s crazy how inbred all these military defense people are. They are all rubbing shoulders with at least one defense company and if they aren’t they will be in the future.

    1. American politicians seem to love ukrainians more than their own people. I know there is a reason why poor people can’t get healthcare in the US.

    1. Keep your thoughts n prayers…that’s for the seasonal gunned victims here in the U.S. Ukraine can fight til the last man or woman standing in a fight they staged by someone else– not Ukrainian

  3. All these countries that don’t support Ukraine or the US giving them weapons needs to think how they’d feel during their country being invaded & would they want help??

    1. But he also won’t lie. He knows how to not answer a question when it would be inappropriate. Especially since the Chinese look at things differently than we do and this is a delicate situation.

    1. @LotsOfFun Japan was part of China, where on earth you got that from? Imperial Japan was the one who invaded China and occupied China and a large part of southeast Asia to conquer energy supply. If it wasn’t for the US dropping the bomb on Japan, they would have conquered China and most of the southeast Asia region. Japan was the one that caused the US to enter the war by attacking the US base in Pearl Harbor Hawaii, by attacking the US base in Hawaii Japan made a tactical mistake in the war then later on the US dropped the first nuclear bomb on Japan, and Japan surrendered to the alliance and the US, and ended the war. I’m very intelligent, i know my stuff. You sound like you need to go back to school, or if you ever went to school at all. You sound like you never went to school, if you did you had to be sitting under the desk because you make no sense. Stop wasting my time.

    2. @LotsOfFun Please s t f u
      Just for your information, South Africa in ww2 has massive contribution in ww2.
      Helped create what is now called the U.N.

      Highest scoring Ace pilot on the west allied side.

      Ffs, South African Boers are literally the reason special forces exist.
      It is literally named after them, as a sign respect to them also.


  4. “Deter them from making a bad decision and we have that capability ” Thats such a great answer so genius with this feedback. Rock solid .

    1. @Dasd Da and who is this superior state your referring to?….sure as hell not Russia..military is a absolute joke as every day passes……sure as hell not china…they been in check for decades knowing the dearly consequences of touching Taiwan…..and North Korea is a puppet state not even worth discussion…Soo who are you referring good sir?

    2. 1 aircraft carrier group will obliterate China’s whole naval fleet hence them never growing a pair of balls and invading Taiwan not to mention there economy cannot support a dragged out war with internet goofs continue to be ignorant about just how powerful and huge NATO is and what they cover…keep drinking that dictator communist kool aid

    3. @Lafosh in checks? they been building islands across SCS despite constant warning from USA which they doesnt give a damn to. Last time i checks, PLA kicked US army in the bottom in both korea and vietnam wars.

    4. @Lafosh stop lying, if that’s the case why US was beaten to the point they were the one asking for ceasefire?

      heck, US couldn’t even beat Taliban

  5. He’s probably the only figure that I like that isn’t a warmonger and has respect to let others speak on it and instead of making propaganda

    1. ​​​@mattizzle Soda ?and ignore Russian grievances ??

      In other words do as we say
      F you Russia and putin
      We don’t care that u are worried 40 to 50 countries next to you are plotting??? And nato coming to your garden ???

      What makes him not rent out nukes
      And offer bases near some nations
      Arm Iraq and Libya and somalia and everyone West has violated and annihilated??? Work with Iran and North Korea to make live harder for others

      Every man and nation has a history
      It has honour it has revenge on mind
      Imagine putin assists them ??
      Or inciting them ???

      Why make world more hostile and dangerous
      West is 17% and what’s saving West is this system that un you can’t vote anonymously

      Putin and Russia has a problem
      West caused it

      Listen and solve it
      I think putin would leave ukrain if all safety and guarantees was promised worldwide by more leaders then the WEST

    2. @Hios K No that will come about in a negotiation in the peace plan.
      China’s proposal is good.
      Only war mongers and self denial will refuse to accept the fact Russia is not losing by any measure.

    3. @Temporary Human how about USA shut up and do nothing for 70 years to build up the same reputation as China has, then u can talk about non-interference in the internal affairs of nations

    4. how about USA shut up and do nothing for 70 years to build up the same reputation as China has, then u can talk about non-interference in the internal affairs of nations

  6. I have to give this woman credit she was in Poland like two days ago and then she’s right back doing interviews and back anchoring the news

    1. The time zone change itself can be really rough. Kaitlan is as good as journalist come, she is always sharp and on point.

    2. Mind Begs the Question:
      Hitler used Media
      To falsely Demonize Jews
      To spread Nazi Propaganda
      More Reliable – Corporate Media,Independent Media?

  7. Austin stated those words very carefully. You could see as he hesitated when first starting his sentence I really like this information

  8. In other words, no consequences. But I understand why Lloyd Austin refused to be detailed and hypothetical at this stage to avoid the appearance of giving ultimatums to China.

    1. Because it could cause all kinds of problems and close a lot of doors. it would be inappropriate for him to say more and he’s smart enough to know that.

    2. @Sonomacats I have been on this earth long enough to know it is foolish to know if something is smart or not until things play out. It is entirely possible that by giving a detailed ultimatum to China that would hurt their economy could be the right pathway to get them to not jump into arming Russia. I chose my words carefully by saying “I understood” why he did it. Saying he is “smart” to do it is overreaching, speculating and arrogantly believing that you know how international relations play out which you do not. Now, if you want to say it is a “safe route” I agree.

  9. Thanks for being very careful, Gen. Austin, the last thing the world and the American people needs is another conflict.

    1. ​@Me Exactly, and sadly Ukrainian women, children, and the elderly are losing lives and livelihoods every minute. Unfortunately, the American treasure and NATO support could not keep them safe.

  10. Ok, for those wondering “how long do we continue to support Ukraine,” the answer is, as long as our NATO partners do.

  11. When it comes to supplying weapons and munitions, Ukraine’s allies are always a day late and a dollar short. A great strategy to help Ukraine lose.
    If Ukraine were able to send ten times as many missiles to destroy Russian military assets in Russia as Russia sends to Ukraine, I think that might get Russia’s attention. NATO needs to give thousands of long-range munitions to Ukraine and Ukraine wouldn’t need so many defensive ones. Sometimes it’s better to fight fire with fire instead of with water. No war can be won by playing defense alone. Russia needs to feel some real pain.

  12. Man I love hearing this man talk , not only his voice but what he says and how he says it .

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