These are the shoes Freeland picked for her Budget address

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland chose a pair of black pumps from Simon’s for her 2023 Budget address.

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    1. This has been a tradition for finance ministers to buy new shoes when introducing a budget. Previous finance ministers have done this as well. The shoes are supposed to be reflective of what the budget will be.

    2. ​@RetrogradingPhoenix Then she should be going barefoot or in Walmart sneakers. This type of stuff is a slap in the face for Canadians. Just means they get everything while we pay for it.

  1. While the self-serving government entertains itself, I can’t move out of my apartment and away from my noisy neighbours. I’d have to spend an extra $1,000 to live in a similar place. That’s how this government spends its time dealing with the housing problem?!

    1. @Level Z animations I want to agree with you I just know that my landlady is struggling with all of these housing costs especially the utilities

  2. That’ s so nice…Just thought the rest of Canadians are going to the thrift shops to find our next shoes. A bit of a difference!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LET ME BE CLEAR Along with my grocery rebate I think we all need a fuel rebate and a rent rebate and a medical rebate ect. In this once great country called Canada EH.

    1. How about instead of all these rebates, we just axe the income tax.

      I’d be of a mind to axe sales tax as well.

      Before anyone argues, Canada did not have an income tax prior to WW1 and we had roads and schools.

      Those things were donated.

  4. The type and style of shoe that the finance minister buys for the buget tells what it really is. Seems that high times for spending are here to stay. Spiked heel and pointed toe. Rounded toe and flat heal would have meant a working budget for the future.

  5. How out of touch do you have to be to film yourself getting new heels from Simons (mid-high end department store) while Canadians try to afford their next grocery store run or gas.

  6. Don’t like the women, don’t trust the budget that is about to come out. But lets be honest, I really find that casual shopping video really cool. Shoes works great for her! Regardless I don’t like her, I really wish she will hit it well with this budget. Christ, we all need it!

  7. The Minister of Finance has symbolically downgraded the type of footwear that she will wear when presenting the budget as a meaningful gesture to Canadians. Although she and the Liberal Party do not need to think about monetary policy, Canadians can be assured that she is better than since she cares enough to have walked a day our shoes.

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