1. That’s the biggest reason to get out and vote. All the people who believe what’s widely regarded as BS will get out there and vote.

    1. @Mike Bond your more worried about 2 law abiding citizens sitting in a parking lot than you are about the 50+ murders every weekend in Chicago lol Nice should we ban public places ?

    2. @Mike Bond if we ban the public from being in public it might be pretty quiet out there and not a lot will get done.

    3. @ron estrada There is none. Everything they’ve pointed at has been proven wrong. Even Bill Barr said there was no fraud. And when you ask them to show you proof all they say “butbutbut Hillary’s emails and Hunter’s laptop and Biden cant ride a bike…”

  2. I used to spend October driving trans-continental to visit Arizona for a couple of weeks. Did that 13 times over 20 years. Until 2015. Things were outright weird on that visit and it appears they have gotten even weirder. Gonna miss the Rez.

    1. The January 6th horned Buffalo looking dude is from AZ. So that can give you a starting point on realizing how weird it got here in AZ. The fake audit that was at the old stadium with the cyber ninjas, the “TRUMP” store in Showlow. All of it has gotten weird. That’s just a start

    2. I see those Trumpers with the MAGA flags driving here in TN. Our little town is full of them. They have moved here from mostly northern states. A bunch of a-holes. I know several 80+ year old democrats who are afraid of either getting broken into during the night and killed by the MAGAs, or having their houses set on fire if they put a democrat election sign in their yard. I have heard it was a democrat conspiracy that was going to introduce a secret crypto currency, that Biden is satanic, that the riots back in 2020 were funded by democrats. These people are totally nuts!

  3. How are these criminals allowed to intimate people performing their duty as Americans, voting!? I’m ashamed to say I grew up in Maricopa county, and proud to say I left as a teenager.

    1. Everyday in the news the internet seems to dredge up ever increasing and ever-more political insanity that not only makes you shake your head, but makes you worried about America’s future.

      Is the insanity this country is drowning in, coming from the Right or the Left? The Democrats or the Republicans? The Socialists or the Capitalists?

      The answer is simple. The Left has a COMPLETE monopoly on the political mental illness that is currently infecting (or trying to infect) the country. The Left TOTALLY owns the insanity you see coming across the news wires daily.

      It is the Left that is constantly promoting their LGBTQ, Social Justice and Fossil Fuel Ban agendas via the media, activists, Kindergarten, Schools and Universities. The Left forced Women’s Sports to accept Transgender male athletes, conjured up ideas like “Safe Spaces,” forced people to use transgender bathrooms, violate their religion, use “Genderless pronouns.” They mandated masks, lockdowns, vaccination passports, and “sensitivity” training. And, if you don’t OBEY them, they will threaten you with fines, lawsuits, jail, job loss, protests, riots, vandalism, looting, arson, beatings, ridicule, slander, doxxing, and…MOB VIOLENCE!

      This is not an argument that you should all go out and become card-carrying Republicans today. Nor is it to say that the Right is not without its problems. I am merely trying to point out which side of the political spectrum is leaving you alone to do as you please, while the other is demanding you do things for them, pay for things for them, BEHAVE and even THINK like them! And if you don’t, then they will PUNISH you!

      Consider this in the upcoming elections.

    2. belief is one thing but proof is another. you can believe what you want but if you have no proof you got nothing. these people should not be allowed within miles of any drop box they should not be allowed anywhere because they are nothing but white racists

    3. @Mary Lamb I’m not American and because of that, I have an excellent view of the forest of which you cannot seem to see the trees. We can all see that fascism is on the rise in the US. One of the problems is that most Americans don’t even understand the political continuum or on which side of it fascism sits. They demonize things they don’t understand and it is just pure ignorance, hatred, anger, and entitlement that fuels every single thing they do. Any authoritarian leadership is bad, whether it’s on the far right or far left, but people just like you have now wholly embraced far right ideals. You don’t even realize it because you haven’t even taken the time to take something as simple as sociology 101. I’ve got news for you: your Democratic Party is BARELY left of centre down there; however, your Republican Party is deeply entrenched in the FAR right. And that is fascism. And that is an absolute fact. As a Christian who has now had something I used to call myself, an evangelical Christian, co-opted by American “evangelicals” who have made it a dirty word used to describe angry, evil people who refuse to follow the commandments of Christ, I find this to be unbelievably sad, frustrating, and terrifying.

    4. @Mary Lamb And there it is. I wrote my comment even before reading this. Now I am going to beg you to open a book. That is something you learn in FIRST year sociology. Please just educate yourself even a little bit. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. I wish I hadn’t already voted by mail…I’d get a “Mule” t-shirt and pull my ballot out of a suitcase before inserting it into the ballot drop box. Why not just eff with this guys?

    1. @Logan Daniels True. Trumpers wouldn’t dare try to intimidate voters in Detroit. Their only recourse is to dream up, make racial overtones and false accusations, then LIE and claim that voter fraud takes place.

    2. Well pretty bad idea because that would give the exactly what they want. Video of someone stupid enough to do that would go viral amongst that crowd and just feed their propaganda. Very very awful idea.

    3. Because they will _shoot you dead_ and not get arrested and get acquitted.
      This isn’t a land of laws, this is a land of parties.

  5. Two things, first they need to declare those actions are in fact election intimidation and start making arrests and two, and most importantly they need pass laws that criminalize people and organizations from lying and deceiving the public and enforce that!

    1. @The Conscientious Perfecter Naw I voted with my interest in mind. I want the wall built and a secure border since I live in El Paso and have seen the invasion in person. I want energy independence which we had before this administration took office. I don’t want the country in another war being a disable veteran and I know what war looks like. I believe in the science of biology and know that there are only 2 genders. I don’t believe that grooming of children are LGBTQ+ rights. The list goes on and on. ✌🏾

    2. @Deep Cameo Energy independence…LOL. Bet you loved it when the power went out and people died in Texas during the ice storms. Anyway. Half of your “grievances” are things you have been fed out of context. Nobody is grooming anyone…seriously. Anyway you are an odd bigot. So ill just say good day sir.

    3. @The Conscientious Perfecter I monitor the content on Tic Tok because I have a 16 yr old and the content is disgusting geared toward the grooming of children and my son recognize it as so. My neighbor has solar and his power went out because he is still connected to the grid. I believe all Americans have the right to free speech no matter what they have to say. First and foremost I stand by the 2nd amendment whole heartedly and will die to protect that right.

    4. @The Conscientious Perfecter I’m a bigot? Why has the Democrat Party throughout the history of this country with its existence focused solely on race? How do you go from slave owners who bought and sold black folks, beat and lynched us to a clever schemes to exterminate us by weaponizing abortion strictly geared to eliminate the black race to politically controlling us in 2022 without ever apologizing to us for what they have done to us?

  6. ” Facism will come to America wrapped in a Flag and carry a cross.” Sinclair Lewis

    True patriotism isn’t carrying a flag it is fighting for what that flag represents.
    That is not fear, hate, lies, or trying to turn this country into a dictatorship.

    1. @David Eby I love how you question someone’s intelligence but you’re not smart enough to put a space after your commas. Did you graduate the sixth grade?

    2. @The Aleons YOU were dumb enough to vote for record joflation,record gas prices,record diesel prices,a MAJOR fuel shortage,record murders,14 dead service people,record cop killings,800 dead immigrants at the border(not that a Demonrat would care),300 dead per day from ODS and a war!!! YOU have a lot of blood on your grubby little hands,Jethro. But you have aced commas!!! Hahahaha What a loser!!!

    3. @David Eby at least I’m not a inbred Republican who likes to have sex with his sister like you POS. That’s probably why you’re mentally challenged. Go eat some Roadkill.

    4. Yeah, and you also have to use the phrase ‘we the people’ over and over again. That gives cover to any BS these idiots spew.

  7. The reason they are sitting there is not just for intimidation, but so that later on they can say that they were sitting there for days on end and they can make up a new conspiracy theory about what they will claim to have seen.

    1. America _is_ a large group of stupid people. Smart Americans are an irregularity, quickly fixed by wage slavery.

  8. The lady who said friends say, “Oh my god”….”Now I’m a fool just like you” This is infuriating!

    1. Lake is such a fool. She wants to have ‘Election Day’ and said that when she was young that’s the way it was. She is full of merde. Election day is just the deadline for voting, but NOT for the result. It takes time to count votes even when using computers. Imagine this. It took the cyber ninjas 7 months to count the paper ballots by hand and that was just ONE COUNTY. So if Lake expects results of hand counting to be done in one day, she must have her head up her como se llama.

    2. Not sure why some of the reply’s to my comment keep getting deleted. There is decent conversation going on but they keep disappearing?

    3. @BattleBirdBricks youtubes weird, could be people reporting it, could be the channel, could be person commenting is triggering some algorithm they catch certain tone, words etc and then each channel has their own customization and keyword list. Happens lots though even with mundane topics like cute animal vids or something

    1. This same thing used to happen in Philadelphia but not by Republicans but by the Black Panthers. I don’t agree with any of it, but this is not the first time it happened.

    2. @Steve Stoll Voter intimidation IS a crime. Voters are telling you they’re intimidated. Ergo? They’re committing a crime. This isn’t rocket science.

    3. Good thing the police dont enforce your feelings and good thing those armed Patriots are not breaking the law

  9. Ignorance can normally be overcome with knowledge but, willful ignorance is akin to stupidity. Some in our nation have lost all sense of civic responsibility. They now want to intimidate us. That will not stand. We will not allow it. Vote!

    1. The zealot cannot be reasoned with. The zealot cannot be trusted.
      The zealot should be given your *maximum effort.* Work as hard as the zealot, but keep your morals.

  10. When people bring guns to election sites how is that anything other than intimidation? What are the guns for other than to intimidate or worse? I thought we had laws against this kind of stuff.

  11. I moved from Arizona last year, I miss it a lot, but that stuff I don’t miss. Moving to a blue state has been a nice change of pace.

  12. “I will believe a movie made by a convicted criminal, but I won’t watch the January 6th hearings which have people actually testifying under oath.”

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