These people are begging the world to listen to their plight

Bashar al-Assad's regime, backed by Russia, has intensified its military campaign across Idlib, Syria's last rebel-held territory. Since December 2019, the fighting has forced 850,000 civilians to flee. CNN's Arwa Damon is the only western journalist reporting from inside Syria.

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  1. Welcome to war…it can happen to anyone, anywhere…take nothing for granted… especially these “days of peace” in our own homeland

  2. ISIS leader was killed in Idlib last year, its also under full control by Al Qaeda group Al Nusra, those are the rebels that America is trying to save. Half of all rebels being killed in Syria are foreigners, not even Syrian citizens. They’re the ones causing this misery. Turkish rebels filmed themselves recently shooting a woman, her husband and their daughter, then placing them in a house, bombing it and the white helmets acted like it was a airstrike. Go look at how Syrians are living under government areas he controls and look at the rebel areas. The Syrians in government held areas were celebrating Christmas and New Years, with lots of music and dancing, in Idlib anyone caught dancing or even listening to music is thrown in jail and lashed, celebrating Christmas as a muslim gets you beheaded. Bashar might not be a good leader to all but he’s much better than the Islamists he’s fighting, its like the choice between Hillary and Donald, who’s the lesser evil.

  3. Wait a minute CNN why haven’t you covered the Yemeni starvation? You guys haven’t covered it one time and currently it’s worse then the Syrian crisis.

  4. “There was an issue signing you in to YouTube.” no there was not is anti-data collection as you can see I am signed in logged on

  5. What about the radical Islamic rebel fraction Hayat Tahrir al-Sham shelling civilian areas of Aleppo with Mortars? What about the rebel attacks on government troops in Latakia and Hama province. I don’t want to say that Assad is a good guy but there are civilians suffering on both sides of the front line. CNN should show give more context and not only show one side of the story.

    1. @david Notice the fact you fail to address a single point I made. It’s none of my business. Why should I go fight and die for people who probably have a unfavorable opinion of me.

    1. Lol CNN says that al Qaeda are actually “rebels” who are fighting against the evil regime forces of dictator bashar al assad… anyone who believes this HAS to be a paid troll.. theres no way in the day and age of information with the internet can actually believe this propaganda! I really hope one day CNN gets ignores by everyone in america and gets shut down from nobody watching there bullshit propaganda

    2. While isis may not hold any phisical territory, it’s memebers and supports didn’t just disappear. Also al queda are still prominent in northern Syria. The majority of Syrian rebels are sympathetic to jihadist groups. Turkey wanted to destroy the Kurds, and establish its dominance in the area. By 2017, the Syrian opposition had been taken over by Islamic terrorist groups, and the Americans switched to support the Kurds instead. The rebels which turkey are using, if not former terrorists, are merely puppets in Erowans plot to reestablish Turkish hegemony in the area

    3. With terrorist groups such as Ahrar al-sham, how could you possibly think that they are the good guys. The Syrian democratic forces(the Kurds and others) were the ‘good guys’. The Syrian opposition was just jihadis in different clothes

  6. CNN, do a piece on America stealing Syrian oil, the same oil that would feed these starving people in Idlib.

  7. What about…

    -The children starving in Africa?
    -The children starving in India?
    -The children sold into the sex trade?
    -The children of Palestine?
    -The homeless children of Mexico?
    -The children of Donbass?

    Thinking of the children is good, using them as an excuse for other things isnt.

    1. Hey their just trying to raise awareness for a small problem.
      We can’t just expect them to do all the work for your causes that are absolutely tragic all by themselves.

  8. Madeleine Albright said the USA killing 500,000 Iraqi babies was worth it (to get Iraq’s gold)
    CNN will never tell the truth about anything

  9. I love how cnn SO badly wants to help these civilians meanwhile they want to topple assad which would cause the deaths and displacement of MILLIONS of syrians

  10. US/EU be like:
    ‘We care about the children, look at Syrian children, so sad, how can this be’
    Also US/EU:’ We shall fund and arm radical Muslim fundamentalist opposition groups to overthrow the Syrian government preventing us from doing business in Syria and we estimate a peaceful and bloodless revolution’.

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