These Trump supporters say they're proud of chaos at Capitol 1

These Trump supporters say they’re proud of chaos at Capitol


CNN's Donie O'Sullivan and Elle Reeve talk Trump supporters to get their reaction to the dangerous chaos caused by riots at the US Capitol.
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  1. I’m convinced stupidity is a disease and shouldn’t be taken lightly and some people in the comments are proving my point

    1. @The Highway Man it will get worse. I don’t think they will loot or burn shops but they will target leftist, Democrat politicians, rinos and I bet there will be lots of dead bodies.

    2. @the banjo you are wrong it is the leftist media which had harnessed bigotry, racism, supporting Antifa and BLM riots and lots of hate. I am not American but that was what the leftist media had been promoting for the past 4 years. CNN called Antifa and BLM rioters,looters and arsonist peaceful protestors. The world is watching and we are not stupid. Till now, CNN did not stop lying. Can’t CNN for once stop being a communist cable news network. If they want to continue with their lies and hate speech, then most probably there will be millions of you leftist dead on the streets. Anyway, why do I bother telling this when I am not even american.

    1. @Kris Brooks SOOO, you listen to Tucker Carlson, or on of those self proclaimed far right anti leftist experts who couldn’t even pass 6th grade government?

    2. @Anthony S2K04 PARLAR is a joke. Other “patriots” posts ISNT proof of Antifa, BLM insurgents starting the riot.
      I’ve seen 1 of the photos used by a “patriot” sayin the four mean we’re antifa. When actually they were identified by name, belonging part to other white supremacists groups, & far right militia.

    1. @Dan McComiskie you do realize that several governments, the us navy, and the head of Harvard astromny have said that aliens are real.
      Its only a conspiracy til its been proven.

    2. @Meh Heh free speech doesn’t protect popular speech, it protects unpopular speech. There is no law concerning hate speech, you were lied too.

    3. @Андрей Михайлов Yes, they are confused by their love for cHump with the love for their country!

    1. @Trump is now Tramp He’s saying they’re stupid, those Trumpers. And those who are ashamed of this behavior are not stupid.

  2. I wonder how that woman would feel if someone came into her house, pulled her out by the hair, and said no more!

    1. K Z do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Hence, I would never do it, but she seemed intent on it.

  3. They have to throw him out of office
    They need to send a message to these fools that their plan backfired

  4. For all ppl saying “this is not our America”. Tis exactly what it is. Disgusted greetings from everyone in Europe.

    1. Exact same capitol tragedy happened in Hong Kong and Tiananmen Square. We all know who arranged this and blocked the fraud evidence showing to all the people. The swamp is super deep and starts killing innocent people who paid them. Wake up Americans!

    2. Y’all should know this stupidity and brain rot nationalism will come to you too. And pray it doesn’t get as bad.
      Example; Poland and Brexit.

    1. @Noella Rash OK, now tell us how Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell managed to keep their seats despite their support for Trump.

    2. Sumit Kapur I’m an Independent and I don’t hate Democrats or Republicans just because they have different ideas on policies. It is sad to say you hate people you dont even know. You are not a true liberal, liberals believe people have the right to think differently than you,

    1. Neither did the 3 months of burning down cities, CHAZ, ripping down statues, looting, blocking highways, dozens of deaths, and lawlessness throughout the country. That also didn’t need to happen, but hey, it’s sad that it did am I right?!

    2. Exact same capitol tragedy happened in Hong Kong and Tiananmen Square. We all know who arranged this and blocked the fraud evidence showing to all the people. The swamp is super deep and starts killing innocent people who paid them. Wake up Americans!

  5. These people are domestic terrorists. They’ve deluded themselves into believing they are “patriots”.

    1. @J Mass Those are fighting words! Lol How dare anyone expect humans to act like decent humans, no matter the fight or skin color… Sounds to logical!

    2. @Amy Thompson
      Haha. Right! ALL violence shoud be denounced. Most Americans have no idea what violence is. Go visit a couple middle east or northern Africa countries. We got it good. Get it together people

  6. Trump Supporters: *Think the Rioters Are “Patriotic”*
    The Rioters: *Holding up Confederate Flag*

    1. Right. Literally the last time domestic terrorists tried to overthrow America & killed their fellow Americans to do so

    1. Yeah right…they would have maimed hurt and killed law enforcement with frozen drinks, sharpened flag poles, shanks, lasers, fireworks, etc.. They would’ve shot law enforcement, who was trying to protect their capital, and live streamed them laying there dying on the sidewalk, to FB, all the while doing nothing to save them. They wouldve destroyed every statue in that building, set things on fire, shot POCs, attacked old people, looted…we have seen what they do. Now I’ll give you this, they would have been arrested by the dozens, but they would’ve been bailed with funds taken in by sports, hollywood, and the lefty politicians…or just straight up released without even a slap on the wrist. Then the media would have justified it because this nation owes them for eternity for crimes against them, perpetrated by people long dead…a long time ago.

    2. It wasn’t though, so they didn’t say that. They said unhinged yanks following tiny orange maniac have tantrum in washington, achieve absolutely nothing and then get dumped on by your leader. Get ready for at least a decade in the shadows now that Trump has lost the election, congress and the senate. What a loser!

    3. @Joe Bossendorfer but it was BLM for months…this Hustle Game22 has it so wrong…it was BLM for months and no one said anything. All of that has already come to pass and not a single soul condemned it, not even Chyna Joe Biden. On top of it all, hundreds were not dead, they weren’t attacked AT ALL, and 99% of arrests were not even recorded forget about prosecuted.

  7. Every one of these people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and then, when they’ve served their sentences, kick them out of the country for treason.

    1. yes, thats the problem of the democrat lovers, mostly their black voters who will be cheated once again, and see you in 4 years

  8. These people are not Americans that love their country’ these are misled people who love a despot liar!

    1. Exact same capitol tragedy happened in Hong Kong and Tiananmen Square. We all know who arranged this and blocked the fraud evidence showing to all the people. The swamp is super deep and starts killing innocent people who paid them. Wake up Americans!

    2. @Lilly Chow You lost in all cuorts in the country in all of them now if you want to life in democracy stay here if you want a country that enjoys your lies go elsewhere.

    3. I have a question, what do you think happened in 2015 when trump got on the debate stage, he waved his hand performed a Jedi mind trick and entranced tens of millions of people? There was anger and resentment in the mid west and rust belt long before Trump got there, Trump was just the best one to be the mouth piece, it’s the same in history with Adolf Hitler. Now Trumps going to leave and it will be up to the Democratic Party to figure out how to solve it. Unfortunately given discussions in congress about expulsions of any politican who showed support to these people coming into DC it’s going to just agitate the Republican base more, youtube Twitter Facebook will act as they typically do and ban accounts. And that base that was angry enough to storm the capital building will be even angrier feeling they have no voice, now will we ever see anything as big like this? No. But my prediction leads more into the territory of the IRA during the Troubles in Ireland, Car bombings assassination attempts, post office bombings, all done by small disconnected cells

    4. You’ll Remember those people when the government comes for *your* freedom and infringes on *your* rights, and uses the media to disinform *you*
      Oh, wait…

    1. @Lilly Chow I was gonna say the same. When it happens in your own country you think these people are crazy. When it happens in another country you don’t give a sh*t about then you think they are peaceful freedom fighters.

    2. Suddenly cnn are calling this violent but not what antifas and BLM did for the past 4 months. No shops or houses were looted, burned or federal building burned.

    3. @Sarah K. …but the chaos you saw a handful of months ago didn’t make you feel like you were in another country?!

  9. The scary part is they BELIEVE they are “patriots!” The women claiming, “there is no violence!” OPEN YOUR EYES!! This is insanity!

    1. @Randy Marsh but he didn’t win. So, in the name of your self proclame clarity, stop equate those domestic terrorists to the BLM protest. At least, those protest was based on a real tragedy, not on lies from an old looser mouth who cannot believe that he’s not gonna have what he want for the first time in his life. BLM protest were about a racist system. The Capitol thugs wanted a coup. So, stop trying to put yourself above everyone else. Nobody cares that you don’t like Trump and Biden. It doesn’t provent you from being wrong.

  10. “There’s been no violence”, so says the woman that said “We should have gone on in and yanked the Senators out, and drug them out by the hair of head”
    There is no reasoning with crazy folks!

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