‘They couldn’t take it anymore’: Hospital workers quit amid Covid-19 surge

CNN's Martin Savidge speaks with Arkansas health care workers and administrators about the strain they're under as the state faces rising hospitalizations due to Covid-19. One hospital executive says they have have had employees walk off the job because they just couldn't take the pressure they are put under amid the latest Covid-19 surge.

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    1. @Mario88881000 following or looking up to politicians like they are against each other. Hahaha wake up dude all politicians are puppets to the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.

    2. @Joseph McDonald Shame on you. Only the uneducated don’t get the seriousness of Covid Delta. Your American kids are now dying.

    3. 100 years ago during last pandemic …no one quit…they had guts unlike todays snowflake liberals…😥

    4. Use veterinarians! They’re used to dealing with patients doo dumb to understand what’s going on.

    1. @Shabazz You got the Sh!t worked out of you. I am tired and feed up with the prickheads refusing to get vaccinated. If they had gotten vaccinated this COVID mess would be ending now. Excluding the medically unable. I am starting to hope for a higher death rate. That is how tired I am of Them and COVID!!!

    2. @Brooklynn Graves people don’t care about it…just think if you get in a car wreck and need to be treated but the hospital now can’t get to you

    3. @Moira McCleary these people just want the samething everyone wants…time to spend with their families …its hard when nobody listens…

    4. @Nelson Hernandez
      Just a couple of points here.
      It’s not called the MCLeX. It’s called the N-CLEX. When someone can’t even get the name of the test correct, it really casts doubt on their claim of expertise regarding the test.
      The people to whom you’re referring who can’t pass the “MCLeX” (whatever that is) are NOT nurses. One does not become a nurse without passing the N-CLEX.
      You stated that “most of the people who I registered into their nursing programs don’t make it. Because they are under the impression that it’s easy work for the most part. I am the one who had to inform them that it’s not. Even then the majority of them don’t pass the MCLEX (?)”. Again those who “don’t make it”, or “can’t pass the MCLEX” (?) are NOT nurses. Also, you’re stating that it’s NOT easy work, and many who begin nursing programs don’t make it; while at the same time castigating those who do for a lack of work ethic. Which is it, because you can’t have it both ways. Either those who are lazy and just want a paycheck don’t make it, in which case those who do aren’t lazy and just after a paycheck; or practicing nurses are lazy and mercenary, which negates your previous statement. Your mixing of improper tenses and lack of parallel sentence structure also don’t lend credence to your musings and claims of expertise. I went to a BSN program. We started with a class of 50; and had a graduation class of 22, all of whom passed the N-CLEX. That is intentional among nursing programs; and serves as a “weeding out” of those who can’t cut it as nurses. Of course, if you had the expertise you claim, you would already know that.
      CNA’s are NOT nurses. They don’t have anything close to the education or expertise of nurses.
      Interesting that you claim to have “employed you guys from nurses to medical journal editors and writers”, and yet your own writing, grammar and sentence structure leaves a lot to be desired. Also, what is a “senior genetists role”? That’s not even a word. Do you mean Senior Geneticist’s Role? Again, when you can’t even use / spell a word correctly, your claim of expertise must be viewed as dubious at best. I call BS!!!
      The last thing I’ll say is thank you for your service, because unlike some people I’m NOT an ingrate; and I don’t cast aspersions on people who do jobs about which I know nothing. You seem to be judging all nurses by the worst examples of the profession; and lumping RN’s with degrees in with CNA’s, which is unfair to the profession as a whole. Would you like your military service to be judged by the My Lai Massacre, or the atrocities at Abu Ghraib? And while I realize that’s hyperbole, because atrocities such as those are very rare, I’m just using it to point out the abject hypocrisy of your statements.

  1. My daughter works in a hospital in California. She tells me conditions at the hospital are bad, especially since short staffing is wearing out the employees. Unfortunately, she can’t afford to quit.

    1. @K Phan You can’t say one is a problem and the other isn’t. It’s about being consistent. If you think covid is deadly then you cannot possibly support an outflowing of random people into the country that could be spreading it.

  2. The excuse of ignorance? Yeah because some people are really slow learners. The USA has got to really improve the education system

    1. @Mike Dias yeah I’m sure that would not be tolerated in many countries. Like yelling fire in a crowded theater. Spreading misinformation that endangers the lives of people is criminal. Not to mention immoral. Unbelievable that it’s exactly what the president did in 2020.

    2. @James L Exactly. In every American tv series aimed at children, adolescents and childish adults, so called nerds i.e. anyone with a functioning brain is ridiculed, while all the athletic boys/men and sexy girls/women are venerated. Any girl wearing glasses is deemed not attractive. That’s so lame. God forbid that a girl/woman reads a book!

    1. @# not my PEDO What makes you think there is a need for me to source this? These professions all praise each other on the news whenever there’s a disaster or some such. Why would I think the cops start bitching about the nurses as soon as the cameras are gone?
      They are three professions with a shared professional code of mutual respect, at least where I’m from. Who do you think cops and firefighters turn to when they get injured in the line of duty?

    2. @L XX trouble is some of them would see that as evidence that it’s a virus manufactured to kill non-conformers, even if they didn’t believe it was even real until they caught it. Anyway no disrespect (well maybe a little), but I do hope you don’t train nurses.

    1. @R L Jones Watch this video about Thousands of undocumented immigrants released into Texas town!

    2. @Books & Gaming Pseudo Science is not Science. Your “Science” is bad. Not just on this but Climate Science too.

    1. I feel you ……best not to mess with the guy making your onion rings in his basement …..
      Smart play

  3. Just imagine how many phone calls these people had to make saying “I’m so sorry but they’re gone”.

    1. Just reading your comment made me tear up. All of this is so horrible. 💔

    2. @M Spears & Bobo Buddy the Senior Cat Same here. It’s heartbreaking. I would expect this from a third world country, not the US. It’s hard to watch from afar as America eats itself. Shame on those lunatics who preach the antivaccers message.

    1. @L XX What about the many many people who cannot get one due to medical reasons?
      You seem rather cold and uncaring.
      Lemme guess, Biden voter?

    2. @cecily boyd 😜funny the people who openly questioned how to ummmmm (deal with Republicans)
      Now beg to save them ……..

    3. @# not my PEDO Your 28% number is out of date, more recent reports put the black community at 38% vaccinated. 60% say they have planned to get the vaccine. This is higher than the 55% of Republicans who plan to get vaccinated. Republicans also have more vaccine hesitancy.
      Although minority groups are generally less vaccinated, Democrats and Democrat run states have higher vaccination rates overall.

    1. @Books & Gaming Farcical Opinionated Xenophobic noise on cable is not news but is believed as such and now is killing innocent children.

    2. you realize the majority of unvaccinated is the African American community, right? Furthermore, we are being held hostage by a “vaccine” that isn’t effective. If it were, many people who were vaccinated wouldn’t be carriers.

  4. How sad but you can’t blame them. They have taken enormous risk with their own lives for a long time now.

  5. the ambulance should drop off the unvaccinated at MTG’s house, let her remind them that its nothing to be worried about.

    1. @# not my PEDO …. Of course… this WORLDWIDE pandemic is designed to take away American freedoms. Foolish thinking like this is why we will continue to see high infection rates and more deaths.

    2. @Tonytrekdax Plandemic. Takes World wide freedoms. When are you going to blame China and demand accountability?

  6. How many of these people are going to risk their lives for people who doesn’t care about their own lives. They were warned, this pandemic is going into a second serious phase and the doctors are nurses are tired, overwhelmed and over run already.

  7. This is why when I walked away from the Healthcare field I made the comment that anyone who truly cares about people shouldn’t work in Healthcare because it eats them alive.

  8. This time is different, Drs and nurses have been severely mistreated the anti vaccers are doing it purposely. I don’t blame them they gotta live too.

  9. This is so true. Everyone should find a nurse and thank them. Speak encouragement to them. Let them know that their hard work is not in vain.

  10. I say that everyone arriving at the hospital with covid while being willfully unvaccinated should be given a homeopathic pill and sent back home.

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