Third wave in Ontario? ‘Can’t let our guard down’ says Ford | COVID-19 in Canada

Premier Doug Ford says we 'can't let our guard down' as variant cases continue to rise across Ontario.

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    1. Let’s start by ripping off all the stupid posters and arrows on the floors , I’m sick of them, they need to go in a metal barrel and lit on fire πŸ”₯

  1. Lets all start Organizing!? Call your local leaders and start from there. Lets rally together and boot Justin and Ford. No Snap election, Lets choose someone smarter than Otoole to represent the conservative party. Then we can start rebuilding after this political failure.

    1. So True, this is a disgrace and the blood of all the suicide victims from this is on the hands of these paid doctors and politician morons

    1. How many have serious, long term Covid with often debilitating effects?
      Check it out. It’s much scarier than dying.

    2. @Teheru 17 nice. doesn’t like the message and the ideas it conveys, so instead of discussing it or …(gasp)…wanting to learn about someone’s perspective , lashes out. I am guessing that empathy isn’t something you value yet.

    3. @shizuokaBLUES we all gotta die of something! Or do you think we’ll all live forever if we only avoid the ‘rona?

  2. You know this isn’t as big as a deal as it is when THEY are trying to SELL IT TO YOU like a classless used car salesman.

    1. Let’s all get sick at this point I don’t care anymore my mental state can’t take much more of this.

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