Third wave 'inevitable' with new variants, likely in April | Warning from COVID-19 expert 1

Third wave ‘inevitable’ with new variants, likely in April | Warning from COVID-19 expert


Infectious disease expert Colin Furness says it is likely 'inevitable' that a third wave of infections will be sparked by infectious variants.


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  1. Yeah at this point we know song there will be 4th 5th and 6 wave to the freaking point there will be a tsunami is coming soon might go get your surf board those wave a popping lately

    1. Please provide citations to the hard evidence demonstrating unequivocally that these new variants are more dangerous than the ones already in wide circulation.

      That’s what everyone should be requesting when claims of the new variants being more dangerous are made.

  2. “expert” I guess no need to consult the tens of thousands of doctors worldwide who signed the Great Barrington Declaration right?

  3. FACT : All viruses mutate as they progress , always have always will . Where are the rapid test kits promised so long ago ? And finally what happened to test isolate treat ? Used to be standard procedure for all SARS events , smells like fish !

  4. Just thought as canadains into the jails and thought away the keys. We must continue our fair monitoring until we have total control of everyone. Hail the almighty. We know who that is

  5. How many more variant we are going to have ??? How they are detecting new variant???
    Are those vaccines that we have is going to cover all those variant?? He said we don’t know anything about those variant i am assuming vaccines won’t work

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