1. They pray 24/7;no nation have more church than Haiti;98 %strong believers but that doesn’t work.now they need money not prayer.this where I from

    1. @Blaine Boyle lmfao…..I guess your reality is that you made a great choice in putting Bumblebiden in the driver’s seat….things are going sooooo well for everyone 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

  1. Corruption from the government,it’s not just Haiti right now Africans countries with minerals resources are going through the same thing hardship, bad government management.

    1. @F. W.  😂 😂
      I thought I was commenting and not replying to your comment. When I noticed, I just commented also and did not delete my reply to you. So it’s appearing twice. 😂

    2. @Mulobela Mulamfu
      People don’t have enough to eat, no jobs, no future plans, everyone with opportunity wanted to go overseas for a better financial lifestyle .

  2. Sounds like they need to stand up and fight corruption and start farming….either starve or fight puck 1

  3. When I was working in Haiti over 3 years- less than 10% of donations from International Red Cross had been released. Has that changed.
    Again, our need to subsidize farms in US ( rice and sugar – often multimillion dollar owners) helped to destroy developing countries. Another scandal deals with pigs being slaughtered by US agencies ( for some half baked reason that did not affect pigs in Haiti) and replaced with pigs unable to thrive in the environment

  4. Lucky my country, Zambia has actually more than enough food which some is actually going to waste because we’re so much behind with value addition and exporting. We have a lot of small scale farmers.
    Very sad for Haiti.

    1. Our country Haiti used to have alot of food ever since bill clinton killed our rice crops and other things that we had made it harder for the poor

      It can be a solution. The world is a global village. We can bare each other problems. We can depend on each other. This is if deliberate measures were put in place. Looks at places like Dubai. They rely on exports on almost all their food because their land is not arable.

  5. Didn’t the Clinton Foundation raise billions of dollars to aid this country? I have to assume that the
    “Administration” charges were just too burdening to make a big difference.😏

  6. The border areas between the Dominican Republic and Haiti may be tense at times and incidents can lead to violence. Border crossing points often close without notice.

    If travelling by car to Haiti:

    remain particularly vigilant
    expect long queues and delays

  7. Tiny islands can no longer be self-contained countries. Small islands must be provinces or states or territories of large countries that are capable of providing for the people that live and visit and work on that island. It’s 2022 not 1622.

    1. @Thou shalt not suffer a fascist to live cause all sistems that nationalized (comunism) haven’t faced starvation and death 😂😂😂

    2. ​@Thou shalt not suffer a fascist to live I agree Haiti need to nationalise foreign owned land – baring in mind that law was recently changed to satisfy USA interests.
      However the USA subsidised agribusiness imports , corporate theft and tax avoidance have decimated Haitian agriculture and many farms have moved to cities because they couldn’t support themselves growing food. There has been systemic undermining of Haitian food systems for decades – it can’t be undone overnight by nationalisation.
      Haiti used to be able to feed itself. USA policy destroyed that.

  8. The security is first and foremost, I just left there almost a year now. The security should be an urgent priority 🙏🏾🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🇭🇹

    1. @American Justices Sometimes you have to do multiple things at the same time in order to see success. A more stable Haiti means less imigrants from Haiti.

    1. @Marek Cracovia Wow that’s harsh to accuse them like that!! I agree with @F.W. Where’s your proof??

  9. Imagine living on an island surrounded by the largest food supply on earth and not being able to feed yourselves.

    1. Because us government by their ambassader in Haiti they don’t want Haitian president work for their own country that why they killed our president Jovenel Moise

    2. @Nunya Bidnez you need millions of dollars(estimates) for a blue water fishing craft witch the dont have , and frankly dont even think is possible.

      You should said fish farming ,it will bee more accessible and sustainable but the problem is knowledge transmission.

  10. They are surrounded by an ocean filled with sea life. They have fields in need of planting. We have to look at the common denominator in Haiti to determine exactly what the problem is.

    1. “Too many people there. We need to sharply reduce the number of humans there quickly and with firm decisive actions.”

    2. I know what the problem is us ambassader in Haiti helene lalime and Michelle sisson they are putting their own government in Haiti

  11. Haiti’s history since colonization is one of governments too often coming in to develop or invest in the region with the short or long-term goal of extraction. I think Haiti like Puerto Rico stands in very well for microcosm of the fate of the planet. There is a limit to seeing existence as something for humans to to profit off of. The planet will set that limit.

    1. “Too many people there. We need to sharply reduce the number of humans there quickly and with firm decisive actions.”

  12. CORRECTION this country has not bin able to feed itself since the beginning of time, and is complete dependant on outside aid…

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