‘This Has Already Taken Far, Far Too Long': GOP Aims To Delay Passage Of Covid Relief Bill 1

‘This Has Already Taken Far, Far Too Long’: GOP Aims To Delay Passage Of Covid Relief Bill


Republicans are planning to use a number of procedural moves to delay the passage of the covid relief bill. Congresswoman Katie Porter says the process already has taken ‘far, far too long.’ Aired on 03/03/2021.
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‘This Has Already Taken Far, Far Too Long': GOP Aims To Delay Passage Of Covid Relief Bill


    1. No it won’t. They’ll blame Nancy Pelosi or Democrats in general. They do not accept that Trumpublican Terrorists can do anything wrong.

    2. Texans were DYING and they still will vote Republican. Just because they don’t get $1400 doesn’t make them not racist and since the Republican party is the Confederacy in the modern day, they will continue to vote for them.

    1. They’ll blame Democrats and vote for Trumpublican Terrorists again I can almond guarantee it.

    2. Fox, OAN, and Newsmax are all blaming Democrats and trying to say that Democrats are hiding massive amounts of pork, money for terrorists, and more money for latin american countries than for US citizens. All of the normal BS you hear from these idiots.

  1. So Republicans just don’t care that we the people need help really bad, his own constituents too!! WTF is wrong with these Republicans? Are voters going to just keep putting them back into office when every time we need help it’s the Republicans that keep delaying it??

    1. It’s getting to the point where we the people have to step and somehow put more pressure on positive change but when we do it (not like the fools on Jan 6th) by voting we still get the runaround. I mean the people blocking this help have I’m sure, actual family members that need the help. If we make too much noise we will be basically killed faster than what we are on a daily basis and if don’t do anything we get starved out. Now we see ALL the holes in how this setup was put together in the beginning, Let’s not forget that the people whom wrote these rules wrote them to control and enslave with impunity. FULL STOP!!!

  2. if anyone can do this its you katie! easy for me to say, youve already done much more than most! thank you!

  3. The GOP doesnt care one wit about the American people. He is right, if the Democrats dont get more aggressive, they get nothing.

  4. So I’m just curious about what makes Ron Johnson think that Democrats are going to go with his procedural tricks to delay passage of this bill? I’m sure he think it’ll score points with the rabid, tea dummy Republican base, the very base who needs these checks too.

  5. Joe Manchin, how could he do this to his own party, he had no problem ruling with the Republicans in the last 4 years, he’s a white Virginian, South is still the South but here’s hoping he stops power tripping & give the people what they need, it’s borderline deplorable

  6. I bet they’re delaying it because there’s going to be a new president on March 6. 🤪
    Because I’m sure this time, it’s for realsies! 😅😂

  7. Republicans lied when they called for the unity promised by Biden during his campaign. They will fight Democrats harder than ever. To show unity only shows that Biden is a success. The Republican’s will deny this country what it needs most only because it doesn’t help their party.
    Biden and Democrats need to forget about unity. Republicans won’t allow it.

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