‘This Is A Country Awash In Pain’: Anand Giridharadas On Unemployment Crisis | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

‘This Is A Country Awash In Pain’: Anand Giridharadas On Unemployment Crisis | Craig Melvin | MSNBC 1


  1. For anyone watching this that still supports the current administration please do me a favor.
    Do NOT think about purple giraffes.

    1. @don’t Care I really hope this was your attempt at humor, because my comment was clearly sarcastic 🤦‍♀️ Just so you understand, I recognize that newborn baby’s can’t walk or talk, which was exactly my point lol! If anyone shouldn’t be having children between you or I, that would be You! I’m beginning to understand how Trump was able to manipulate so many of You, good Lord 🤦‍♀️

    2. @j law Congratulations your ethos is Ego negare quod exstat..Latin for I deny the Existence of that which Exists…Truth Reality God…L’chaim from Jacova 11..Gevurah born March 11…in Bethlehem. Eli, Eli, lem sabachthani. You have no Covenant with God Elohim Adonai Avra

    1. As a long time Republican, I don’t. I’ve spent too many good years fighting the “good fight” with those that make it perpetual game they change the rules on at their leisure!
      #FuckTrumpBecauseImARealRepublican !! !!

    2. Those aren’t real Republicans in this senate..there’s something..idk what..but trump on day one said something or did something or has something on these folks for grown adults in charge of running a country to stay so far up trump’s butt..

  2. What he said about Republicans is so accurate. That’s how they can support a person like Trump and Mitch. Terrible humans

    1. @efs 1066 If you support Trump after his actions (and lack of) during this entire year, then you have no place discussing “insane, ahistorical, afactual” premises.

    2. @Doctor James never heard ANYONE – cult45, anti-trump, or non-american – say “stepped in” for ANY potus.
      literally, NO ONE says that.

      hmmmm …

      tell me more about who or what YOU support.

    3. trump was the cherry on the cake,,,,america has been in decline so much longer than that…sure economy was fine….but americans just got poorer

    4. @james sinclair economy wasn’t “fine.”
      bc per you: “americans got poorer.”

      stop being amoral.

    1. and does what with “it”? Where’s his mythical persuasive skills? Where is his magical “voter pressure” being applied to McConnell?

    2. @William H So? We have many examples of socialism dude. Social Security, socialism. Here’s a working definition: “Any system in which the production and distribution of goods and services is a shared responsibility of a group of people.”
      This is not limited to strictly government and CAN he used as a business model. If your company is employee owned, each person involved can have a say in making better changes, because people tend to work harder when they have a personal stake in the bottom line.

  3. For the 1000th time, stop electing these multi millionaires into Congress. And money needs to get out of politics immediately along with term limits!

  4. This man is talking the truth!!!! They do don’t know pain and suffering. They don’t know what it is to have to either buy food or pay the lights 🤔..

  5. mitch mcconnell got rich by selling out Americans -and he’s still doing it: putin got rich by selling out Russians -and he’s still doing it. See the similarities?

    1. You can’t be saying that as long as Trump is still in power. He will defend Vladimir P00ptin at all cost. He is also fond of Kim Jong Un and Xi Jin Ping of commie China even after the Virus hit us, Trump was still admiring Xi, admiring a great personal relationship he has with Xi and how great Xi had contained the Virus. The world should thank Xi, said Trump. Eventually, Trump realized he ain’t gonna get the trade deal he was expecting from his lover Xi, Trump then got heartbroken and did not want to talk to his Lover Xi anymore even started naming Virus as Chinese V11rus.

  6. When did billions of dollars to other countries every single year that is so true that you won’t even help their own people of this country

    1. dont believe that the dollars sent abroad reaches the poor….its given to their rich,corrupt counterparts…in return they get mining concessions etc…its not abour forigners ….it is always about the rich club…

  7. The ball is now in the court of Georgians. Make Moscow Mitch a minority leader and limit his powers by voting for the 2 Senate Democrats. Has wealthy Moscow Mitch ever tasted pain and suffering in his life. He has forever remained in the Senate as a storming block in the progress of ordinary Americans and will remain so as long as he continues to be a majority leader in the Senate.

    1. It’s incredibly important that Georgia save the US from stagnation in the government. Mitch will be just as obstructive as ever if he’s majority leader.

    1. I fear that if Biden doesn’t man up, the change in administration will just move people from rage to despair.

    2. @B Happy you know the same corrupt congressmen and senators will be busy stealing and making deals for themselves. putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t change anything.

    3. @ailblentyn or from despair to rage.
      It’s unwise to push people to the place where their lives are so flimsy that they don’t fear death anymore.

    1. If reaching 15% herd immunity by community spread means 260,000 deaths, how many deaths will occur until 100% herdimmunity is reached?

      1,700,000 deaths 1.7 million dead to reach herdimmunity

    2. @Marty

      No it is not costly, bc showing deniers the big numbers is exactly what is needed.

      CNN showed deaths per 100,000 and deniers started to ask serious questions about the virus on Youtube.

      But thanks for answeing I forgot to tell how many % of americans that means.

  8. Meanwhile ALL Canadians are getting 1500-2000 a month in stimulus checks.

    America is owned by corporations and the military industrial complex

  9. The GOP should now be called “Goebbels Old Party” as they attempt their coup in order to extend the suffering we are all going through.

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