This Is An All-Out Assault On American Democracy: Eddie On President Trump's Voter Fraud Claims 1

This Is An All-Out Assault On American Democracy: Eddie On President Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims


NBC Political Reporter Jane Tim and The Department Chair of African American Studies at Princeton University and MSNBC Contributor Eddie Glaude join MSNBC’s Chris Jansing to discuss President Trump’s false fraud claims and how it could impact future voting rights. Aired on 12/07/2020.
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This Is An All-Out Assault On American Democracy: Eddie On President Trump's Voter Fraud Claims


    1. I know! Where are the emails, the phone calls, the hard evidence of a planned, coordinated effort to steal multiple MILLIONS of votes over many counties and states? Proof of MASSIVE voter fraud requires more than piddling examples and random anecdotes.

  1. It is amazing how much a US President can get away with. It’s like watching a crazy show. The reputation of the USA has been hurt for years to come.

    1. @BookGirlCNY well there is a big black hole on the Democrats side that emails get lost forever in as well as classified documents with incriminating evidence, and about anything troubling for the tards ,so all the missing and hidden memory sticks with all the votes for Biden are gone to the black hole and can’t be retrieved now showing they can’t get signatures to match them .

    2. @BookGirlCNY I went to a state run university and have a engineering degree, how dare you say the education system is a failure ,we all pass these days you don’t know that.

    3. @BeekersSqueakers we are down to 2 political partys now , the orange people for trump and demotards are for the poster boy for dimensia slow joe

    1. The thing about all these Trumpies is that no matter how much you explain the situation to them even when you make it so clear that a 5 year old understands it, they won’t accept the reality no matter how much you seperate the fact from their fiction. They just won’t let go, they are too far gone.@William H Music 2020 is one of those examples.

    2. Heaven’s Sword coming for Liars & Lie arguers⚔️⚔️⚔️ (( Psalm7v12;Proverbs 10v31; Jeremiah1v19; ); See, We don’t appoint anyone for a job without In-person interview, because we are living in a world with many cheating people& we never know if that person is criminal, robber, thief, deaf, blind, etc. ; We don’t marry a person with a letter; See, Fraud people supported Mail-in Ballots, because they can cheat; Voting is important & It should be In-person with Reliable machine; Heaven’s court coming for Pres Trump🗽

    3. @DaughterZion Ros Some states have done mail in ballots for some time akso the military do mail in voting. trump is the fraud.

    1. The GOP have been denying people’s rights for centuries since the Civil War surprised them. It’s a wonder trumpie isn’t saying he won the Civil War!

    2. @michael boultinghouse I wouldn’t say the majority but in certain red states that would be true because they suffered countless decades of indoctrination.

    3. long story short its called immunity all your politicians have it they do not typically fall under populus law as they are now part of your city or state or federal system. this system was to eliminate witch trials of leaders and be sure they see fair defence before they are impeached….. this is why!!!! obama was the most dangerous to america and he still didnt get put to death for his treason…. he will forever be immune to his treason just like trump will be pick up a book and lear how the system works asking for some sort of criminal action like prison for something like he hurt your morals or feelings will get you nowhere

    1. @David Schlessinger I think he meant get rid of the olive branch, as in, throw it in the trash (bin) and stop trying to make peace with the other side. Let’s fight for what is right.

    2. @nlawson2004 The one party autocratic state happens by the media becoming the propaganda arm of a single political party and no longer caring about right or wrong or truth and Justice but only caring about what their people do right while covering up anything they do wrong and at the same time unleashing a neverending assault on anyone who does not think exactly like them and do exactly what they tell them to do….. The DNC is dangerously close to this and has already ruined journalism as a respected profession…. Soon the mainstream media will only be listened to by members of the Democratic party and no one else…. The Republican party will ignore them entirely and seek information elsewhere….. It’s very very bad when something as TRUSTED as the press….. Becomes the propaganda arm of a political party….. And as you know this is exactly what is happening & it’s very dangerous territory

    3. @December Forest Yes I have thought about that and it bothers me that Mitch McConnell has house bills on his desk to protect the elections and he won’t touch them . Now they say the election was rigged . Now hopefully they will be addressed and it can be prevented . Stay safe try not to worry but I know I still do .

    4. @Page Justin Get off it.
      The press didn’t try to kidnap a sitting governor and run a Biden campaign bus off the road.
      Also, according to Trump’s own intelligence agencies and his own FBI, extremist far right groups and white supremacists were the main saboteurs of the BLM protests and caused the majority of the looting and violence.
      You’re a liar and a propagandist.
      Thank god most Americans are on to your schemes and distortions.
      Roughly 8 million more Americans.
      Get lost.

    5. @December Forest what’s ridiculous is that every single human being who registered to vote by mail got a ballot 3-4weeks before the election and if you didn’t mail that ballot out by the Saturday before the election then you’re irresponsible, lazy, stupid & do not take voting seriously and those votes should have been fed into a shredder and not counted because if you can’t fill out a ballot in 3 weeks you’re clueless, part of the problem & do not think it’s important….. Furthermore they knew this covid election was coming for months and months and they could have prepared for it, set clear rules LIKE POSTMARKING THE BALLOT THE SATURDAY BEFORE THE ELECTION and they would have been able to have all the ballots counted by 2 or 5 in the morning….. Not wait 4 days for the media to decide they could get away with declaring a winner….. It was an international humiliation and it lead to what has been happening over the past 4 weeks when IT WOULD HAVE BEEN OVER ON ELECTION NIGHT IF IT WAS DECISIVE…… but it wasn’t decisive….. At all….. It was an international HUMILIATION that should have been avoided at all costs…… Pick the right candidate next time….. FEEL THE BERN

  2. And this is what tRump’s end game was all along. He knows he lost but wants to bring our Democracy down! He is evil.

    1. @Doc Your ilk knows nothing but mocking, ad hominem, hyper-criticism, insults & all the rest. It’s near hopeless to try and engage you folks with civil dialogue. Forget about replying unless you feel the need to stroke your tiny ego again. SMH

    2. @Kman it’s funny you didn’t answer a single question but instead opted to criticize and insult me. It’s also FRIGGIN HILARIOUS you talk about “tiny egos” all the while supporting a fascist wannabe who is aggressively trying to overturn the WILL OF THE PEOPLE because his little puny ego can’t handle losing in grand fashion. I bet you think Hitler was a socialist too, don’t ya? Seriously man, do better or don’t reply back, this is getting horrendously humiliating for you.

    3. @Kman HA , ha. You just listed Trumps trademarks, all the ones he spewed after he came down the escalator. And he thought no one would fight back ?

    4. Trump will forever claim Fraud because he is making money off of it. His stupid supporters are donating to his cause. Meanwhile he is keeping majority of the money for himself.

  3. Trump is scared, SDNY is coming for him and his and he knows it; and if the best you can do for an attorney is Rudy, you should be concerned.

    1. Trump isn’t scared of the Democrats ,they wish he was scared but they are the only ones afraid of anything and it shows by there weak threats that never go anywhere,

  4. It’s time for trump to start packing his suitcases, he only has 6 weeks left 🕛 or he will be arrested for trespassing.

    1. Why can’t he go to Florida for his “holidays” golf and just not return?. You would th I k 40plus days is golf would interest him!

    2. His wife is actually already looking at schools for there son and they are rushing to get the construction done where he is moving to in south Florida

    Why do people keep voting for them?!! Wake up!!!

    1. Why do some many Dem cities with complete Dem control treat Black Americans so badly…Chicago, Baltimore…Better question might be why Black Americans keep voting for them🤔????

    2. @Think about it Black people in those poor areas don’t vote, that’s the problem.
      There’s no organization and they don’t get their message across to their elected officials, it’s the surrounding suburbs and well off areas that vote these dems in.
      Meanwhile in GOP lead states and cities, the suppression of black and brown votes runs rampant.
      There’s zero incentive to vote for the GOP. None. 
      Black have to learn to leverage their vote within the Democrat’s camp.

  6. Seems to me Trump is attempting to target African American voters who voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in large numbers.

    1. @Johan H I drive around Northampton & Amherst Massachusetts all day long for work, bastions of liberalism & there are BLACK LIVES MATTER signs everywhere….. You know what I never see….. And I mean never, ever do I see up there….. Ever……. BLACK PEOPLE….. there are no Black people there because the white bread suburbs are a place where Black people are not welcome….. These liberals absolutely love their 100% White neighborhoods and they intend to keep them that way…. They want the Blacks in cities & ghettos dependant on food stamps and welfare so they can keep them as voters and never let them advance in the world or become educated enough to think for themselves…… But if these liberal white privleged people do see a Black person driving through their neighborhood they will call the police….. Immediately….. And have them removed back to poverty where they belong…… You will never, ever see suburbs that are 60% White 20% Black & 20% Asian & Hispanic because elite privileged white people will never let them out of the Democrat run ghettos and down south the Republicans will stay just as racist as southern people have always been and nothing with change there….. Biden is a southern racist & Bernie Sanders would have been the only choice for any sort of legitimate change

    2. @GoodSamaritan maybe when he leaves the White House he won’t be as delusional anymore– the 2020 Biden-Trump election was an international humiliation and Democrats have nothing to be proud of picking the wrong candidate twice in a row and this better not ever happen again

    3. @Mike Y the World’s embarrassment is Covid19…..
      It’s the year 2020 & this planet had a pandemic unleashed upon it by China and no one is even holding them accountable for their reckless, IRRESPONSIBLE & deadly behavior

    4. @GoodSamaritan and now you’ll get what you deserve…. Lock down & mask up…. Quarantine is coming

  7. 50-0 is a thrashing.
    Who expected anything more from Trump except to act like the caricature he is? Lover of himself.

    1. I don’t think it’s exactly 50-0, but I can’t wait for the first Trumpist to correct you and say… “Uuuhm, its 49-1, duuuh” 😁😎😆

  8. This coup is the result of the party telling dumpy don he could do anything.
    Dumpy don thought the SCOTUS would give him the election and every one would take it.
    Hubris from incompetence.

    1. Looks like Pelosi was letting all those small businesses suffer for only political reasons…Dems are pathetic 💩

    2. Well not yet…he gets sworn in in January…
      Or when the electoral college votes Biden in..
      Until then he is not president elect..
      No matter what the liberal filth media says…

  9. It’s a last-ditch effort to get money from his supporters, so he can repay his debt to the Russian mafia back.

    1. Looks like another Dem politician is on the take. Today’s award goes to ilhan omar and her husband🏅 congrats guys👍👍👍👍

  10. Biden is the president elect and Trumpty is the president reject.

    Pence got the Fly
    Rudy got the dye
    Trumpty got the BYE!

  11. Who else is ready for trump to be a distant memory? Just can’t wait for him to fade into the background. Good riddance!

    1. Yeah. Just wait for all the documentaries… The flood of content about the last 5 years will make Hitler/Nazi/WW2/Holocaust look like a drop in the bucket.

      Heck, his tweets alone are a 6 part series…

  12. Con man Rump only knows how to file lawsuits. He’s used to wearing his opponents down. It won’t work here and I trust it will land him in jail.

    1. Looks like another Dem politician is on the take. Today’s award goes to ilhan omar and her husband🏅 congrats guys👍👍👍👍

    2. immunity goofball!!!! 0 chance of jail!!!! learn how the system works almost no politician will ever see 1 day of jail unless you go through lots of hoops and then vote to remove immunity then maybe. you need 2/3 of house and senate to unite against a president to revoke immunity……

    3. @Gnarlen trump doesn’t have to concede, he can just go out and say it’s a rigged election, there is no reason for him to give in when he doesn’t believe he lost,

    4. @kevin almeida Not once he’s no longer in office. And it’s not certain if one can pardon one’s self especially in advance. That will be tested if it happens.

  13. Republicans can’t win on the basis of their policies so they resort to voter suppression. It’s their only hope. We must not allow this to happen!

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