1. Day by day, seeing the scale of destruction of civilian properties and lives in Ukraine due to Russian aggression, my political support for Russia as an Indian is weakening..

    1. @Viktor Khramtsov You are so incredibly brainwashed by Soviet propaganda, boy. Ur country should know better thsn trusting *anything* the Kremlin says. 🤦‍♀️ It’s like you never learn…

    2. If the west start supporting Pakistans right to Kashmir, what would you say. I believe it’s a hot potato and most people in India is on the wrong side of history now. You people in India don’t understand the choice is between dictatorship and aggression or Democracy and peace. how hard +an it be. obviously very hard for people in India voting for a wannabe dictator called Modi.

    3. @Peggy Nulsen modi is a wannabe dictator, what to learn more how to do it! he will go down in history as a weak and repulsive man, just like Putin. Modi is a divider of India, great politicians are uniting their nation, it’s very simple, he is not good for the nation.

    4. @Avi what did you expect Zelenky to do…when their country is invaded and attacked….did you expect them to just give up…and run away like Afghanistan government and soldiers did. Are okay bullies like Russia…going around invading sovereign country and killing innocent civilians and children. Wait until it happens to you

  2. My condolence to the people Who lost loved ones in this senseless war 🙏
    Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦❤️🇺🇦

    1. @Real Angel 777👼👼。 Hitlers speaches the same.
      Putin = Hitler = Putler
      ♥️ 🇺🇦 UKRAINE 🇺🇦 ♥️
      ♥️ 🇺🇳 NATO 🇺🇳 ♥️

    2. Clown News Network 🤷‍♀️🤡 Yemen, Syria, Palestine… Nobody gives a F*ck. Ukraine, manufactured outrage by the corrupt media. I’m not falling for it, zero f*cks given.

    3. Russia occupied all of southern Ukraine and deprived it of Azov see as well as the Black Sea?…Ukraine has lost the East, the Northeast, the South, and soon the Southwest… America is just a lying country, if Russia was the loser why the hell NATO and USA are keep sending weapons? STOP LYING STOP ✋ enough is enough ….. You have changed Ukraine to a destroyed country worse than Sarajevo

    1. @awang belantara but would John McCain said is that he sees the literal KGB he’s not using colorful language to paint a picture he’s being literal. So are you saying that Trump is literally a KGB agent because this sounds absolutely absurd you’re trying to make comparisons that don’t need to be made Trump is not a military person at all.

  3. ” The people who aided, appeased, or ignored Vladimir Putin, must be shamed for creating a monster.” Gary Kasparov.” World Chess Champion/Prominent Russia Dissident

    1. He is just a f*cking activist..taking money and barking on everything and anything…no one gives a sh*t about him..

    2. @Geman1512 Seriously wacky take. It’s obvious from her comments here and elsewhere that Marsha isn’t a liberal by any stretch of the imagination, and in fact is clearly on your unfortunate side of the fence.

    3. @GreenEyedLady
      Oh no she’s not! I don’t spread conspiracy theories.
      Besides, what side of the fence do you think I’m on anyway??

    4. Since Putin was a member of the KGB, imagine the espionage involved. That’s why he can’t say anything worthwhile….

    1. Mc Cain was right about an awful lot of things – he said flat out – Rand Paul was a russian operative – he was right – he could not bring himself to say much about Trump – I think he was afraid he might commit murder – but suffice it to say – he did not approve – . Almost enough to give a pass on Palin – but that virus keeps coming back and has mutated = there was a time when being dumb as a stump was not a virtue –

    1. In conventional war we could smoke them any day of the week. They must compensate with weapons of mass destruction

    2. @You Huh? Where are you guys getting your info from? The blast radius of a typical hundreds of kilotons MIRV warhead is typically 20-30 miles, with the outer half just having more so overpressure blasts. The inner 5 miles or so are where everything gets vaporized and destroyed. In between that, people get 3rd degree burns. Where in the USA would 1 ICBM with 10 warheads “wipe out the USA”? That couldn’t wipe out the smallest state in the USA. Also, ground blast and air blast very much determines how much radioactivity is spread via each warhead. Both the USA and Russia have about 1,500 or so ‘deployed’ warheads. There are only like 1,100 cities in Russia, if I remember correctly.

    3. @In My Room – I understand your frustration and feel the same. But the 1st comment under yours is correct. Russia has the most nuclear bombs and some people think declaring a no fly zone is simply declaring. It means countries would have to put their own aircraft ready for combat in the skies which is basically WWIII and then all the countries would be in danger of getting nuked


  4. Fantastic interview! And I agree priority number 1 is giving the Ukrainian people what they need to defend themselves against these unspeakable act. My prayers to all affected by this madness!

    1. @Huskar Ang What a crock! So far the Russian forces have launched strikes at over 30 hospitals and other medical facilities. You know what hospital they aren’t bombing? That would be the hospital in Mariupol that was captured by Russian forces. They then went out and kidnapped 40 or 50 more Ukrainians, beyond the patients and medical staff none of whom can leave the hospital, and are using all of them as human shields. The Russians are using the hospital windows to fire down on Ukrainians, who can’t fire back because they won’t risk the lives of their countrymen and women and children. If the Ukrainian forces were as coldblooded as you’re trying to pretend they are – as coldblooded as you would be – they wouldn’t hesitate to fire back.

    2. @Me God I know you don’t want to let actual facts get in the way of your narrative, but I’m going to lay some cold hard facts out anyway. The much talked about Azov militia group has about 900 members. That’s 900 out of 44,000,000 people. The far right extremist party in Ukraine that they are associated with has never gotten more than 2% of the vote, and doesn’t control a single seat in their legislature. We have much more of a problem with neo-NAZIs and other far right extremist groups and militias in the US than they do in Ukraine. While I detest their ideology and their politics, I do give them credit for being willing to die defending their country from the fascist in Moscow and his minions, and they’ve actually been standing up to Putin and Russian forces for 8 years.

    3. @Tex AJP There are no Nazis in the Ukrainian government. You’re intentionally spreading misinformation.

  5. Wow
    He is good
    He didn’t budge even once, his goal of revealing absolutely nothing in this interview has been successfully accomplished

    1. It’s a good thing to reveal nothing. Putin reveals everything but people don’t pay attention


    1. how are they helping them seem like ur slow dont u hear Ukraine say if its not no fly zone then we dont need ur help

    2. They were not only not helping, the US even stopped Poland from giving fighter jets to Ukraine.
      They promissed to defend Ukraine in 1994, and now they thin this sacrifice will make putin happy. Pathetic.

    3. As one human being to another- yes, it’s all too slow. And it’s horrifying .
      Institutions are incredibly slow. For all these countries to move as fast as they did was unexpected .
      As to the right moves to make- that’s way above my paygrade, probably most people’s. That’s why we have experts in their fields. I can only have faith they know what they’re doing …

    1. The Secretary of defense is a civilian position in the US Department of Defense, that’s why he’s in a suit not a uniform. It may seem like a minor difference that he WAS a general, but having civilians in charge of the military is how free nations prevent military coups.

  6. “Everyone’s worried about what Putin might do. Maybe Putin should be worried about what WE might do”.( Mitt Romney)

    1. @Daniel Avila I’ve sat in your churches and listened to your pastors and preachers praise the most vile humans ever elected into office. I’ve listened to you people preach about murdering and condemning your fellow humans to eternal damnation because they don’t worship as you want them. That’s not what Jesus taught. The fact is, American Christians have corrupted the biblical teachings. If anyone burns in hell, it will be those that choose to condemn. Those that have no faith are far more pure in God’s eyes than the hypocrites.

    2. @Daniel Avila Yes time, this is when Terminator 1 becomes reality. In about 20 years, Japan already has like like robots, look just like human’s. I don’t know Adolf Putin is evil just like Hitler was, I don’t like it. If China helps Russia we’re all doomed

    3. @Gerhard Lourens THEN WON’T YOU DO SOMETHIN’ THEN & IF NOT THEN STFU👌👋👋😅😂🤣

  7. He’s the type of military man you want on your side. Very clear as to where he stand and not side step his Commander In Chief. Salute sir.

    1. March 20th marks the anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq by US-led “allies” in 2003 based on the claim that Saddam Hussein had “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. Western-funded media along with their governments repeated that false claim for months in order to whip the public into a bloodthirsty mass murder campaign of innocent people. The mass slaughter was being called “shock and awe” by the US gov’t and many news media as a way to make killing people sound fun. We must never forget what the US gov’t (which is largely controlled by corporations such as arms manufacturers) and its puppet media can do to everyday working people.
      check out these videos on my friend Numuves channel
      How media lies created the Iraq War
      American Henry Hoeft volunteers to Ukraine and finds out..

    2. @Tex AJP Cool. This is about Ukraine though. Either it’s fine when anyone launches a war of aggression, or it’s not ok when anyone launches a war of aggression. Whataboutism is unproductive.

  8. In my experience of 10 yrs combat in VN, retreat is more difficult than advance , you can retreat only when you have control the battle field otherwise you have fight until you run out of ammo.Keep support Ukraine to fight their fatherland.

    1. @Damo Trump pardoned Bannon after Bannon stole from Republicans. Yet, trumpets r still up his 🍑. R they weak?

    1. Austin is a very good soldier, and a very good human.
      ♥️ 🇺🇳NATO 🇺🇳 ♥️

    2. @Brandon Besu
      I’ m glad you know that you dont understand & know anything. Then I dont have to tell you.
      ♥️ 🇺🇦 UKRAINE 🇺🇦 ♥️
      ♥️ 🇺🇳 NATO 🇺🇳 ♥️

  9. Reporters should not try so hard to especulate, get into hypotheticals or push interviewees to reveal plans, estrategies or tactics. Getting news Vs. Revealing too much.

    1. They are just preparing us for the lead up to nuclear strikes on Russia. Hopefully this will begin by the summer

  10. So sad to see millions of pple suffering, infrastructures which were constructed in decades demolished to ground just because of one individual… a merciless guy …he will be the most hated person on earth the rest of his life.😓

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