This is one of the biggest hurdles to a Brexit deal

The fishing industry only makes up a small fraction of the United Kingdom's economy, but fishing rights have become one of the biggest challenges to a Brexit deal between Britain and the European Union. CNN's Anna Stewart visits the port town of Brixham, England, to find out why. #CNN #News


  1. Discontentment is born from the perception that one autonomously works towards desires one owns๐Ÿ”บNon-Duality

  2. Not a single word spoken here about the management of the sustainability of the resource.
    All they talk about is their respective pockets.

    1. @spencer s wtf are you talking about the CFP has been a disaster, the U.K. wants to ban giant trawlers and create a sustainable fishing policy

    2. Usually people who struggle to work to put food on the table has other worries.
      It’s not a matter of “pockets” it’s about stomachs.
      But for someone with experience in catching fish using ifood is hard to understand.

    3. @Mestre G Well, I guess you’d know about the last part but here’s the part you don’t appear to understand or appreciate: running a food resource out of existence results in no food on the table.
      The primary concern should be about ongoing sustainable resource management not which tribe gets the most out of it.

    1. @Eddie L No, they had one in 2014, and decided to have a POST brexit one, because of the major change.
      Guess the will of people sucks sometimes, right?
      We both know how fucked you would be without that oil ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. Due to EU, UK was able to catch only ten percent of the fish in their sea area. Now they can catch as much as they want. This is going to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. Now, they need to sell that fish; don’t they? Brexit is the right decision in every possible way.

    3. @Abhijeet Kundu Lol. The EU-UK waters was an agreement, the EU payed for quotas.
      Second, the EU already said it wont buy the fish in case of no-deal.
      So, 2 ignorant mistakes in your little text there.

    4. @Abhijeet Kundu as American. Its nice to see you be independent country again. Be nice to another’s yet, be nice to all you can. Its how this world was meant to be. All us together yet our own. That includes countries. It actually is better for social happiness. Immigration (joining the country’s culture as the native brits and ect) it gives more opportunities and options for people as in ways of life. If you don’t like in your country as the ways don’t fit you, move to country that suits you best and your needs by their nationality of culture and ways. Don’t like U.K ways and like Germany. Become a German. Nations is not blood as much they are culture. Adds diversity that is good. Genetic diversity is good, culture destroying diversity isn’t when it involves destroying the another.

  3. cnn’s so disgusting and shameless. after the release of the records of Jeff Zucker’s morning briefings, cnn shows no shame to continue telling its lies.

  4. Brexit was sold on lies….hardly surprising given its conservative promoters.

    The irony will be humiliating when Brexit makes Great Britain into Little England.

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