‘This is the right budget for the time’: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on 2023 federal budget

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland addressed the critiques against the 2023 federal budget.

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  1. How profound – the right budget for the time – the floggings must continue until our morale improves – the budget will balance itself but not this decade

    1. Trudeau loves the sound of his own voice… “Narcissistic Compassion” types usually do… because of their inherent belief in virtue self-supremacy. Don’t dare question it.

    1. @Jumbo Me lol this is your guy jumbo, you are the one who has been simping for this guy and his policies for the last few years

  2. Will.Freeland ever come clean about her Nah-tsee Grandpa or her ties to the Neo Nah-tsee Azov Battalion??

  3. 230 is a single run to the grocery store for a family of 4 if you price match and shop deals in the flyers.

    1. What rock are you living under its tripple that for a family with 3 kids in the gvrd and I have the receipts to vouch for it

  4. From the lips of the same guy that said he ” doesn’t think about monetary things”. Sheer brilliance.

  5. This economic genius couldn’t tie his own shoes without a trust fund and a caviar tray.
    His ability to budget and understand Canadians, and economic fundamentals, is below kindergarten level.

    1. Have you ever seen a Federal speak in reality or Provincial for that matter especially when it cones to a budget? I have not ever and am a boomer

    2. ​@ET Himself Alberta does so well it has 0 PST and provides rebates regularly to its citizens.

  6. And this government supports the current real estate price situation. With 1 million immigrants and the real estate law revised a few days ago, the ban on foreign sales has disappeared. Right now, the government has no intention of helping voters. Because they value their own asset value more.

    1. Bringsbin more every year. The town I am living in there taking over. I see them coming out of the post office with government cheques

    2. Supply and demand. What happens to housing prices and what happens to wages when literally millions of immigrants are brought in?

  7. This so-called grocery rebate may give more encourgement to big chain stores such as Loblaws to raise price of grocery even higher. Why can’t the government set some limits on how much the retail prices can increase (with conderation of increase on wholesale level)? This way, the control is on the food prices and NOT to pocket each individual (adult) with some pitiful amount as some families purchase more food than others.

    1. because that would be smart and cost companies money… JT is all for supporting big businesses while absolutely misleading all Canadians

    2. Yes, well said…the fact that Sobeys can make their biggest profits ever, with their price gouging, will not have any effect on our Government policies whatsoever!! Wish we could stop buying from them, store by store…

    3. price control is not the answer…government should not be setting prices for anything its a recipe for disaster. the market has to do that.

  8. “Yes” and “no” aren’t in this man’s vocabulary. Every simple yes or no answer is answered with numerous paragraphs of nothingness

    I can’t be the only one who finds this so infuriating

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