1. Captain Cook I appreciate that. The world loves people like you who are so kind and have compassionate things to say 🙂

  1. THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF OUR TIMES!! Good on you, Jane Fonda, for doing the right thing. This IS extremely urgent!…

    1. Please tell us what are you doing to deal with this “ extremely urgent “ issue? I’m betting you still drive a fossil fuel car and heat your house, while watching television and using your mobile phone.

    2. @Alex Hamilton – Joke’s on you. They’ve come out with several “end of the world” deadlines already. They just invent a new one each time as it gets closer to the current date.

  2. Well, God bless her for putting her money where her mouth is.

    She’s been steadfast in that. My hat is off to Ms. Jane Fonda in that regard.

    Best wishes to her and the ones she loves and that love her back.

    1. @Lane Kelly yes. Good morning. She surely is hated by a lot of people in the USA. It’s kinda sad, but I totally understand why.

    2. she is also dead wrong… even if we ” did something 30 years ago ” nothing could have been done, Battery Tech was not good enough to power cars, at best we were able to do 40 miles. If you dig back to that time in memory, you will remember the General Motors EV1 -in 1996 not even 1200 were sold in 3 years because the batteries were horrid. Honda insight also tried and was a little better but again, failed bad. no one wanted a car that could get you to work but maybe not home. we didn’t have solar cells like today, the break thru with efficient cells didn’t happen till like 10 years ago, 1 dimensional thinking makes people think of the eutopia path when so many other issues would have stopped us

    1. @Dan Shilkett Pretty weak stuff. From you types it usually is though. Not so odd really…considering the origin.

    2. This president is a good man, those that don’t like him don’t know him, as the main media lies about him
      The mainstream media is corrupted by some of the democrats in top jobs

      The media tell these stories to people they and the left think are stupid.


      Stupid Nodding heads that never look to any other source but mainstream media, or celebrities with PhDs in everything is that you?
      They think it is!
      It’s all about redirects! Listen carefully to mainstream presenters, no news, just Trump-bashing!
      The swamp knows that those people that only watch MAINSTREAM MEDIA are the swamp voter base.
      These are the people they think are too stupid to fact check on the internet


      They believe the thick voter base will take on board the words of their political idols and vote accordingly!
      Even on the internet, the swamp tries to gorilla tape the mouths of the conservative thinker.
      The swamp is stupid, not all people will go on the internet for the truth, but all who do,

    1. Baruch Ben-David so I’m sure you have never done something that later on in life you realize you’ve been used or done something you no longer believe in. She has apologized over and over again. As an American she has the right to speak and protest about what she wants to. Unless you are a complete idiot you should know that the world is facing global weather change. People should not be ignoring it. So either be part of the solution or not but don’t sit in judgement of anyone else.

    1. Not even IPCC scientist support the things she is saying.. for instance the IPCC report says there is no link between CO2 emissions and extreme frequency and intensity of hurricanes, floods, droughts, fires.

    2. @Valerie Texan Why do you call him a traitor when you stand with a woman that spit on our troops who were fighting and dying during Vietnam?

  3. ” Humane Capitalism ” is an oxymoron.
    Try to imagine US Capitalism without the armaments industry and the endless war ?

  4. Good for you Jane. We elders need to get out of our comfort zones (sitting around watching TV, eating and doing “bucket list” crap) and use our energy in productive ways for the sake of our kids.

    1. @Dave H
      Sure, what I’m seeing and hearing is not really happening. Trump is a defect from the factory. Get yourselves a sane president next time.

    2. @Dorian Shades of gray so it seems that comprehension isn’t a strong point of yours either!!?? I did say that no one in THIS news report, nor the respective comments pertaining to it, had mentioned population control so I don’t care what Bernie, or some other lefty, might of said….hope that’s sunk in for you!!??

      To your second point, uneducated and unskilled people aren’t exclusive to third world countries, as is becoming increasingly painfully obvious!! It’s one’s capacity for learning, critical thought and acquiring useful skills that would/should determine whether one’s genes are passed onto future generations, certainly not something arbitrary like where they were born, what race/colour they happen to be, religion they follow, how much wealth they were born into, nor any other irrelevant or pointless attribution or privilege they were lucky enough to benefited from in this construct of society. So to answer your question, yes I am more than happy to “continue this stupid line of argument” I just doubt you have the capacity to offer any kind of valuable or relevant retort.

    3. IGNOR @Dorian Shades of Gray

      It’s a bot and is baiting you by calling you idiots and other adjectives just to get attention. He’s on most of the reply so IGNOR!

    1. This virtue signalling idiot admitted she knew about Harvey Weinstein but didn’t say anything because he never tried anything with her.. so she obviously doesn’t care about the sisterhood

    2. She also got Vietnam soldiers tortured for turning over serial numbers they had written on small pieces of paper to let their families know they were still alive…wtf!?

    3. @Toob247 Toob247 if she would shut her mouth, there would be a lot less hot air, thus less global warming!!! Just saying 🙂

    1. @Nancy Stowell Just wipe with your hand.. lol Most to the third world…. They pollute the least lol are you willing to give up all your luxuries ? I doubt it

    2. Just for fun, did y’all ever see the Japanese inventor video where he dropped plastic bags and bottles into a machine that turned it into fuel? Whatever happened to him?

    3. @Lamont Cranston INC. smoking biodegradable hemp products? No. The thc makes you high so you can have many hemp products without THC. So try again troll. Read more, learn more.

    4. @R Marion hmmm no. I did see that they have machines that take bottles and I think it goes towards bills or something in Asia.

  5. Much respect appreciate the fight and desire that you have for the future and the generation of this world. I stand with her totally. Your doing the right thing proving that there is still hope and great people are willing to fight for what they know is right. We as a Collective can change this outcome together. Our children’s Children’s children’s are depending on it.

    1. Please….you are not worried about your children’s children. If you were, you wouldn’t back politicians stealing from said children to pay entitlements to irresponsible people.

  6. When people go on picnics tell him to take your own utensils and plates take them home and wash them I don’t you .

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