‘This Iteration Of The Republican Party Isn’t Sustainable’ | MSNBC

With the ouster of Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney from her leadership position, it seems that former President Trump’s iron grip on the GOP is only getting stronger. Now, over 100 Republicans are joining an effort to create a third party if the GOP doesn’t change course.

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  1. Just let it happen. Let the circular firing squad going on in the gop happen. It’s the best thing they have done for the American people in a long time.

    1. Neilson ratings for April
      1. Fox News| 8 p.m. / Tucker Carlson Tonight: 3,023,000 / 19 telecasts
      2. Fox News| 5 p.m. / The Five: 2,733,000 /  21 telecasts
      3. Fox News | 9 p.m. / Hannity: 2,730,000 /  19 telecasts
      4. MSNBC| 9 p.m. / The Rachel Maddow Show: 2,708,000 /  20 telecasts
      5. Fox News| 10 p.m./ The Ingraham Angle: 2,071,000 /  18 telecasts
      6. Fox News| 6 p.m./ Special Report with Bret Baier: 1,842,000 / 21 telecasts
      7. MSNBC| 10 p.m./ The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell: 1,771,000 / 20 telecasts
      8. MSNBC| 4 p.m. / Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace: 1,658,000 / 26 telecasts
      9. MSNBC| 8 p.m. / All In with Chris Hayes: 1,642,000 / 20 telecasts
      10. Fox News| 7 p.m. / Fox News Primetime: 1,587,000 / 20 telecasts

    2. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle You have just proved that there are a lot of stupid people watching Fox

  2. The GOP strategy right now is “Let’s keep lying and maybe no one will get it.”
    The problem with that is way more than 50% of the population isn’t stupid.

    1. @Vicki Drella He didn’t stack the court. Assuming you live in the US, you should learn about the Supreme Court and what ‘stacking’ is in reference to the Supreme Court.

    2. Sydney powel is playing stupid, or is she?
      The whole gop has gone nuts. And all because they coyldnt control their greed

  3. “If we are to have another contest in the near future of our national existence, I predict that the dividing line will not be Mason and Dixon’s, but between patriotism and intelligence on the one side, and superstition, ambition and ignorance on the other.” – Ulysses S. Grant

    1. Oma Luise said if Faith and Honesty walk out the door, superstition and fear crawl in through the back Window. German wisdom at its best.

    2. @Alex Hamilton WOW! Really showing your colors “ALEX!” Red, White, with a “Crooked Cross!” OH, And 74 million people were repeatedly lied to, by a serial liar. I’m a conservative Republican that saw through his lies, when I heard that he hires small contractors, just so that he can “stiff” them! Your FURER has no problem sending his followers to their deaths (see Herman Kane for one). Just as Adolf sent over 5 million of Germany’s finest men to their deaths in WWII. Good Luck with that! I doubt that you are really a person “ALEX!” You probably work for PUTIN, just as Donny does!

  4. It’s baffling to see how they have so much time on their hands to squabble over lies? In the real world life’s too short, and there is more important things to do.

    1. Poo Slinger
      asll opposed to the leftest who are pretty well together on their lies to pass them along to their voters.

    2. You mean maybe they could be using their time representing the people who pay their wages? Too busy
      Doing their best to stay out of jail, so they have to use their time making up lies to cover their butts. Perjury happens happens to be a punishable offense. Need to have to swear to their lies in a court of law, so can go to jail.

    3. @Jock Young he’s referencing the state constitutions, i believe. These were violated in some states. Governors and other state officials changed election rules just before the election. By law only the state legislatures can change election rules.

  5. “This Iteration Of The Republican Party Isn’t Sustainable”

    I and millions others have been saying this since the day Trump took office & have been wrong.

    1. @JJ Strumr When the counter is an insult you know you’re probably right.

    2. @JJ Strumr republicans are protecting Hollywood celebrities? Aren’t they like, rich n stuff? 2022 is going to be easy.

  6. Cheney is only doing what she is because it affected her or she would not do anything.

    1. She thought after 1/6 everyone would see t*** for what he is. They didn’t so she finally stood up

    1. Political instability breeds economic instability
      The Republican donor class is not too happy with the Republican party’s attempts to destroy the American economy

  7. The USA would benefit from a third and fourth party. Now the politics are like a football game and they want their team to win. There’s little intelligent discussion about issues

  8. Why do reporters refuse to mention the possibility of politicians being compromised when flip flopping on Trump!

    1. She knows a pro-business party without the burdens of political insanity and racism will be very popular with the people who are currently now big money Republican donors

  9. It’s not the party that’s unsustainable. It’s the country. The Republicans will continue to suppress the vote for as long as they can until the rioting gets to the point where this country becomes another destroyed republic

  10. Reform the GOP? Send trump to jail, that will end all this nonsense, all GOP minions will be rudderless

    1. They are all clueless. trump proved beyond a shadow of doubt they will believe Anything . You can pry their guns from their cold dead fingers and they still will be sheep

  11. The Republican party is full of career politicians who have been forced to choose between integrity and a comfortable political future. There was never any doubt about which way that would break.

    1. Liz Cheney ain’t forming no party. She has less than 20% support in her own state. She’s just looking for a little publicity before she’s fired by her voters next year…and the TDS sufferers are happy to give her some airtime.

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