This man is not Meghan Markle

People online speculated that Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, showed up to the coronation of King Charles III disguised as a man. However, the person who attended the coronation was Welsh composer Sir Karl Jenkins. #CNN #News #shorts


  1. Who thought that she wanted to be there that bad and would pull off a stunt like this to attend . Also it’s a Royal Coronation. I’m sure there had to be some checkpoints and invitations involved.

  2. Oh come on, if Dom Jolly wrote it, it would be obvious to anyone who know his work that he was taking the piss.

  3. Oh wow! Karl Jenkins from Soft Machine! Glad that he’s still with us. Guess that can happen when your not so famous anymore, people might think you’re a different celebrity in disguise…

    1. He got offended because people are so stupid. He said he has met and worked with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and liked them.

    2. @Charlie Better chill, people played a joke on her and he was a great opportunity for it, it’s all good fun, nothing more ! 🤣

  4. There’s no conspiracy theory here CNN! Dom Joly is well known Comedian here in the UK (his most well known show is ‘Triggerhappy TV’). He, and the others, are clearly joking.

    1. They may be joking but I have seen people saying it was her on social media. They were talking about her like a dog and saying how evil she was to try this. It only shows how stupid people are. This world is doomed as long as mankind walk the planet.

  5. This is how stupid our population has become. The IQ points have steadily decreased, common sense died a while ago and hatred fills peoples’ hearts for persons they have never met. We are doomed.

  6. Why would anybody even give credit to this Internet abominable story? Do they actually think that the security was so inept at Westminster abbey that they did not know who in there and who was not there?

  7. I don’t find this amusing at all 🤷🏽. Why the Hell they keep messin with Meagan. Harry married her get over it!!!!!!

  8. They are shameless to accuse about what they will do!! They need to stop we all see it for what it is now!! PROPAGANDA!! PLEASE STOP THE BS!!!

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