1. Which do you prefer ? The Asian dream where slavery is alive and well, and where virtually all crime is higher than here. The European dream, where (again) slavery is alive and well and crime is higher than here. Perhaps the African dream, where genocide and slavery are still alive and well. 🤣😂
      Or perhaps the Mexican dream, where there is no gun crime at all. 🙄 Brazil? A world hub of violence ? Take your pick friend.
      Canada ? We’re ranked 12th on violent crime, despite not having guns. We’re not so great ourselves there kiddo; America is 7th.

    2. @Oodles of Noodles Your ‘analysis’ is Swiss cheese, holes that herds of rhinos could rumble through.

    3. @Oodles of Noodles ya whoes commiting all the violent crime in canada though..find your answer

  1. Disgusting that this Democrat would use this tragedy for political gain. Absolutely Shameless!

  2. If you wanna seem legitimate maybe don’t go with the dementia Joe “what are we doing?” Pitch.

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