‘This premier used to call me back’: Grinspun on Ford’s COVID-19 response


  1. The fact that Doug ford doesn’t communicate with the health care workers should highlight the fact that this is not about peoples HEALTH CARE.

    1. I heard there has been several outbreaks all over in Long Term Care too but they Government is keeping it all hush hush

  2. It’s not just the Government, Hospital management is to blame too. In my department we have open full time positions vacant for 4 months or more. Management refuses to fill the position. Have more staff on temp contracts working full-time with no benefits or sick time. Those staff end up leaving for better opportunities.
    Patient care suffers.

  3. Amazing how quiet the unvaxxed get when it comes to doctors and nurses’ health. Regardless of where you stand on vaccines, healthcare workers have worked flat out, in dangerous conditions, for the better part of 2 years.

    Again, I’m not here to opine on your take on vaccines, but where’s the appreciation for the these folks that STILL have to care for you when you have heart attacks/strokes/accidents etc?

    To me, that’s been the most telling part about who we are as a nation during these times.

  4. Federal job work program, for all skilled healthcare worker’s needed. Pandemic playbook rewritten, this should have been #1

  5. Build Hospitals and staff what he always called Staff there. Than buying a temp. test and throw it away. It’s now to consider a community hospital not a city one.

  6. Latoya 饾摃**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝饾搾饾摎 饾摐饾摠 袪饾摗0饾摃饾摌饾摏袝 says:

    There should be a cap on how long anyone can hold a position of power. Variety is the spice pro life

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