This sharp rebuke of Trump’s policy didn’t come from the Democrats

Former national security adviser John Bolton issued his sharpest rebuke of the White House's approach to North Korea's nuclear ambitions in a new interview with Axios, asserting that "the idea that we are somehow exerting maximum pressure on North Korea is just unfortunately not true." CNN's Samantha Vinograd details to Brianna Keilar the continued tensions between North Korea and the US. #CNN #News


    1. @David Williams Men and women have never been equal they are different with different needs and purposes, i can say snails and rocks are equal but that doesnt make it true.

  1. John Bolton, we’d love to hear all your thoughts on NK, I’d like you to do us a favor though, because our country’s been through a lot, and you know a lot about it. TESTIFY!

    1. @sks4378

      It’s been PROVEN that Trump did not collude with Russia and, yet, you zombies can not let go of the fantasy.

      And, honestly, it’s still hard to fathom that there are people stupid enough to believe the impeachment BS. Either stupid or so consumed with derangement that they can not think rationally. Or both? Regardless, it’s easy to see why we’re circling the drain.

  2. This is like picking a fight with someone and showing them what you will do to them in a vid of you punching a heavy bag.. lol

  3. People need to understand that Russia and North Korea are ALLIES. Putin gave Kim Jong Un the dirt on Trump back in 2018 and ever since then Trump has been compromised and fell “In Love” with the disgusting dictator. Russia and NK both have Trump in their pocket. America is WEAK and vulnerable under Trump which is why Kim openly mocks Trump and America.

    1. Gambit2483 your assumptions are ridiculous and far fetched. You have no proof of any of that. Trump’s sanctions on NK have been harsh which is why Kim is mad. You seriously might be delusional…

    2. We do far too much business with those countries for them to risk WW3 over shiddy little North Korea, they offer rest of the world absolutely nothing. No global contributions from NK whatsoever. We supply too many industrial goods to the east. There seriously is no reason for them to be Kim Jong’s (of all people lol) allies in a battle against the biggest military superpower in the world.
      If you think the US is ill-prepared for any type of long range battle, you are simply unaware of the types of technology we possess. Our missile defense is unmatched and we have a good number of silos close to NK that would intercept anything. Our nuclear……Scratch that – our BALLISTIC capability by itself is absolutely Wicked, and quite frankly over-powered. We have submarines alone that could sink a side of their country into the ocean from underwater and cause massive waves of flooding that would drown most of the population in 1 hour, the warhead would not even enter airspace. It would be basically destroying a part of the earth (not good) but that can happen if they attempt anything.
      We don’t even have to go crazy, we could launch an EMP that would disable their electric grid.
      We genuinely don’t have a lot to worry about in regards to other countries attacking us in any militant fashion. Unless they are allied with actual aliens lol. North Korean infrastructure is straight out of 1975.

  4. There it goes. Now he’ll be labeled a Dem, a liberal, a never Trumper…..all of which are way way way better than being an unpatriotic RATpubliTARD.

  5. Bahahahhahahahahaha stupid dems… just like how trump’s impeachment started 18 mins after his agnoleration… funny

    1. Its Inauguration, second Trump isnt impeached until nutsy delivers the papers…3 theres been 3 impeachments 1.) Nixon where HRC was kicked off for producing fake evidence, fake witnesses and coerced witnesses. Sound familiar? 2nd) Bill embarrassed her, he had to pay. 3rd) Trump humiliated her. Wow, seems only HRC has the ability to impeach someone. Shes always involved. I wonder why? Not. Seems like your master is a three-time failure. Failed at running for the presidency three times. Failed at being a decent human being. Failed at being a decent American. And failed at being a decent wife.

    2. @S D See???? Agnoleration!!🤣🤣🤣 I went to a party last weekend and got totally agnolerated! I mean like…..totally! My head still hurts! These people are Trump’s fucking brain trust.

  6. And why are we pressuring other sovereign countries? Oh yeah bc they have a “Christmas gift” for us and we need to stop them at lol cost—CNN fear mongers.

  7. North Korea: Tests nuclear mussels
    Trump: We will fight back with force
    CNN: Trump uses excessive force on North Korea
    Also CNN: Trump needs to show North Korea it will not tolerate nuclear tests
    Trump: Da Fuq

    1. Trump: “I met Kim, and I fell in love, it’s true, and I think he feels the same.” “We’re going to denuclearize the peninsula, it’s true”. “Nobody said it could be done, but it was really quite simple”
      “They say I should get the Noble Peace Prize.” ” Many people are saying that, I’m not saying that but many people are, but it’s true, no other president in history has been able to accomplish this but you know, I’m a deal maker, it’s what I do, and you know Kim really loves me, so we’ll have a deal or we won’t.” “It doesn’t really matter to me”

    1. @suprmdarinel sorry gay boy. Get use to seeing Trump for another 5 years at least! Hes got so many of us behind him it would blow your little socialist minds. 🖕

    2. Gabe Purcell your going to hell anyways. You’ve done so many bad stuff in your life and you don’t even know it. God don’t bless you, see you in hell dumbass. Grow up already you’re older then Donald, you’ll be gone soon why are you worried.

    3. @patrick m CNN insults everyone who doesn’t share their political views. I don’t need trump to tell me not to like them. CNN does a great job doing that themself.

  8. no, it came from a communist leader like it is supposed to dumbasses.. whose side are you on

  9. If Bolton has any sense of responsibility then he should come out as witness to trump’s corrupt behavior. Unfortunately he only seems to be interested in taking cheap shots and stoking wars by cowardly firing over someone else’s shoulder.

  10. Order your new Trumpter GOP red hat’s for the next election…

    ” Putin/Trump 2020″
    Be the first halfwit on your block to have one.🙊🙉🙈

  11. Bolton: Trump is failing at his approach to NK

    Me: Oh, good eye Bolton.. you couldn’t miss a Trump failure with a dart no matter how far you stood from the target.

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