Thousands of livestock estimated to have perished in B.C. floods

B.C. Agriculture Minster Lana Popham speaks on how the flooding has affected critical agriculture areas in the B.C. interior.

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  1. A hundred and twenty soldiers!! Holy Hanna that’s our whole military!!! We will back to normal in two weeks!! Flattening the flood!

  2. This all happened back in 1948/1950 too, and they simply rebuilt. Hopefully lessons will be learned this time. Sad.

    1. This entire area used to be a lake. About 100 years ago the lake was drained to create farmland and the lake will continue coming back to reclaim the land.

  3. One way to help the farmers and pet owners affected by the flood is to donate to the BCSPCA. They are already sheltering evacuees’ pets and helping the farmers.

  4. It could have been predicted. A metre of warm rain on top of a thick layer of snow in the mountains… what a surprise it’s the towns on one side of the cascades or the other that have seen the worst.

  5. Perhaps we should note that Ontario is still closed for business due to covid and 1 million Canadians just fell off CRB and are now heading to the welfare line at this same time as this catastrophe occurs. My premier just put my tax dollars into the automotive industry like can we get some help at all or just no?

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