Thousands trapped in Mariupol after mass evacuations begin | USA TODAY

Thousands trapped in Mariupol after mass evacuations begin | USA TODAY 1


  1. Zellywood. But in fact more than 500,000 children died in Iraq under the shelling of the US army, and here want to squeeze out a tear for a petty conflict over US military bases in Ukraine.

    1. @Liza Muster you are welcome I am only stating the fact anyway I really like us to be friends and want to get to know you better cause you really interest me a lot if you don’t mind

    2. Considering that a majority of sources put the total count of all civilians killed in the conflict (not just by the US Military) from 150k to 600k and that the highest of these estimates says just over 1 million civilians killed in the conflict (not just caused by US Military) by estimates conducted by survey, morgue and hospital documentation… I am not very confident of your 500k children killed by US Military. By the highest of estimates 50% of the casualties would be children, and by the more likely of estimates would be 80% of casualties being children.

      Keep in mind that these sources also state that 9 to 15% of these estimates were killed by aerial bombardment, 15 to 30% killed by IEDs, and 40 to 50% by gunshot wounds, and the rest are either unknown or accidental deaths. (Accidental isn’t defined)

      And of course I am not condoning civilian deaths caused by the US Military. It is absolutely horrible that innocent people had died from the conflict. Militaries around the world should strive to minimize civilian casualties as much as possible during conflict. But it should be recognized that it is virtually impossible to not have civilian casualties.

      I am just pointing out that I don’t think your numbers are anywhere close to correct.


  3. What about the over 250,000 homeless Americans? Homeless Americans that include families and children.

    1. Don’t forget many of those homeless are vets. Some got forgotten over seas and no forgotten in their own country. If it wasn’t for my family I would have been one of those homeless vets.

    2. @JR Porter yes i have, and i had a friend who was homeless that I had helped out until he got back on his feet

    3. @laxxe23 what do you want, a cookie? I couldn’t care less about your virtue signaling lol

  4. Maybe Piglosi can take some back with her when she flies back from handing this clown more money.

    1. What? You truly think a selfish, rich , capitalist politician really cares?
      She cares not for her own people.

  5. 🇷🇺🇺🇦 – at first – I thought this was a trap , the civilians would exit steel plant and they’d be executed – THANK GOD –
    that didn’t happen – 🇺🇦🇷🇺

    1. I’m a long term investor I just withdrew my profit over £140,000 her trading strategies is second to recommend her.

  6. Ukraine: Builds 23 virology laboratories on Russia’s doorstep.
    Ukraine: “We can beat Russia! Bring on your war!”
    Ukraine: “OH NOES!!! We’re all dead! Poor Poor us!!!”.
    Anybody with half a brain cell could’ve predicted this inevitable outcome. If Ukraine didn’t want the invasion, they shouldn’t have allowed NATO nations to test their viruses there.

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