Thousands Trying To Flee Afghanistan As Taliban Cements Control Of Country

Andrea Mitchell is joined by the Rockefeller Foundation's Eileen O'Connor and former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul to discuss the efforts to continue to evacuate at risk Afghans from the country as the Taliban cements their control of the country with a new government potentially announced within days.

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    1. *Regrets, you’ve had a few: 20% want Biden vote back*
      Sept 3, 2021 The WASHINGTON EXAMINER

      *Millions of people are reconsidering their vote for President Joe Biden last year as they see him hobble through a growing stack of national problems.*

      The latest Zogby Poll provided to Secrets said that 20% “regret voting for President Biden.”

      Remarkably, 21% of Democrats expressed regret, as did 29% of his Republican voters. The overall hit to Biden was tempered by independents, of which just 14% said they wanted their vote back.

      The Zogby Analytics survey is rich with details of who is abandoning Biden.

      Pollster Jonathan Zogby noted that while the 20% number may seem low, especially considering that 76% do not have regrets, it is extremely bad because of the closeness of many states Biden won in beating former President Donald Trump.

      “On the surface, it doesn’t seem like much, especially if you look at the three-quarters of likely voters who did not regret their vote; 4% were not sure how they felt,” he said.

      But, he added, “if you take into consideration the size of the electorate, and how the last two presidential elections (2016 and 2020) were decided by tens of thousands of votes in a handful of battleground states, this could really hurt President Biden’s chances in 2024.”

      Also notable is that he said the survey was taken before the Afghan withdrawal debacle that has made many voters eager for Biden to be punished, impeached, or resign. In a Rasmussen Reports survey this week, 52% called for his resignation. And a new Ipsos survey showed his approval at 46% and disapproval at 48%.

      In the Zogby Poll, Biden’s base now appears shaky. While women and older voters have fewer regrets about their vote for him, younger and urban voters, as well as black and Hispanic people, were more regretful.

      “Men (27% yes/70% no/3% not sure) were twice as likely to regret voting for Joe Biden than women (13% yes/82% no/5% not sure). Ethnicity also factored in how much voters expressed regret about voting for Biden: Hispanics (33% yes/63% no/4% not sure) and African Americans (25% yes/70% no/5% not sure) were more likely than white voters (16% yes/80% no/4% not sure) to regret voting for Biden,” read Zogby’s analysis.

      “Where voters lived was also of significance when it came to whether voters’ regretted voting for President Biden. Urban voters (28% yes/67% no/4% not sure) were twice as likely to regret voting for Biden than suburban (14% yes/83% no/4%not sure) and rural voters (12% yes/86% no/3%not sure),” he added.

    2. @Estelle Austin I wondered this too, but in the provinces deaths don’t really get reported. People can die from kidney stones and just get buried out back of the family home.

    3. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Joe Biden is doing a fine job. Your data seems contrived and frankly who cares.

    1. The fringe right traitors still think that blaming Trump’s sabotage of the withdrawal on President Biden will persuade people to join them in trying to overthrow our government and rig our elections.

    1. @Z Ham Ok General Armchair. You have all the answers from a world away. Once again 2500 dead soldiers sent to die. This is not all Biden’s fault. You are being disingenuous

    2. It’s more than just a left/right paradigm, the American Empire is an accelerated decline that goes through multiple administrations. Trump/Biden doesn’t really matter who is in charge. China and Russia see weakness and will capitalize on this.

    1. That’s what we were told, yet I’ve seen no adults take any accountability for this mess of a withdrawal. Where are the spineless republicans at on this? We just gonna move on until Biden screws up worse? Smh

    1. @Beauty AN Did he withhold $1B in aide to Ukraine until a prosecutor was fired?
      Oh wait, that was Joe….
      Did he lift the price regulations on insulin causing a 600% price increase killing thousands of people because they couldn’t afford to live?
      Oh wait, that was Joe again! Only 2 days in by executive order…. Hmmmmm………
      Who benefited from that?
      Joe’s lovely niece……..

    2. @Don Hardcastle Biden went to Ukraine to do that upon the orders of Obama and with the support of the European Union, Australia, a handful of other countries AND the Ukraine people who wanted that prosecutor fired because he wasn’t doing his job – THEN Biden bragged about it on camera and in front of a live audience – Trump tried to hold back military aid that would help Ukraine fight Russia in exchange for the Ukraine president lying about an investigation into a trump political rival during a phone call, and THEN his people tried to HIDE the records of the phone call so nobody would find out what trump did – get the picture now????

    3. @Robertodette nice! But the rabbit hole goes deeper, my friend…
      In the beginning of the Poreshenko/Biden tapes Joe is openly angry at Poreshenko for something involving Gavin Newsome that could lead directly back to Joe himself…
      Can you tell me what he was so upset about? I know, but I wonder if you do!😁😉

    1. The people are the Taliban. theres 40 million people in afghanistan. only thousands are fleeing because they get fed western propaganda like yourself.

  1. NGO in other words the civilian defense contractors that made so much money off this war for 20 yrs. If those companies have Afghan people that worked for them that don’t qualify for the special visas then those companies should be responsible for getting them out.

    1. @Don Hardcastle this sh*t would t be happening if Trump didn’t take it upon himself to save terrorists…he gets the taliban leader out of prison in Pakistan and the guy comes back to power after the US had overthrown him…there wouldmt be anyone abandoned if your idol would of never cut a deal with a terrorist

    2. @Nic Moreno wow! I applaud your spin on a completely bungled exit strategy…
      The Taliban has more American taxpayer funded military materials now than some smaller countries… THAT is solely on Joe…
      Now this administration has taken to abandoning Americans in a foreign land to a certain horrific death….
      What I’d like to know, is after 8 months as President, how this is Trumps’ fault?
      Is this just sheer hatred for Trump that causes such blindness to the true culprit?
      And don’t think all this ISN’T by design is madness…………

  2. The US never won the hearts and minds of the Afghan people. The Taliban and isis had an endless supply of new recruits. Bush Jr was a fool for trying to install a puppet government in Afghanistan.

    1. @Bryan if you pulled your head outta your bottom you’d realize he was referring to the root of why we even spent 20 years there or could it just be you were born after 2000. That might explain your silly reply.

    2. *Biden halts Drone from preventing Afghanistan Bombing*

      _Former Deputy Asst Sec of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs_ *Roger Pardo-Maurer* said they knew where and when the bombing would happen, but that they even had a Predator drone lock on the bomber, but that “they” refused to grant permission to take the guy out.

      _“(Permission) was requested and was denied. Because we are in this process of negotiating with the Taliban who aren’t even in control of their own government or their own people.”_

    3. @Bryan you are aware the man who lost to the buffoon got the leader of the taliban out of Pakistani prison and that’s the main cause of what we are seeing there…and to think Trump was going to let this taliban leader set foot on American soil…your pointing at the wrong person research this instead of talking sh*t …

    1. @Robert Hartford how is it you and majority of his supporters try so hard to point things out but make themselfs look like idiots? Is that something that you and supporters have in common or is it ignorance and stupidity?

    2. @Robert Hartford I get you support him but seriously a insult is something you do to put a person down its not something you use to make the person you support and yourself look stupid…yet you and majority of trumps supporters do it …

    3. @Robert Hartford that person is on vacation…they mentioned they are dropping by your place to take a huge dump on your chest to feed you and your family….I guess you are low on food stamps..

      Don’t try to insult me i could play that game and trust me I can already see it won’t be hard…

  3. Yes, I agree, in the long term, or even medium term this will not be such a big victory for Russia or China. Indeed China used the relative stability provided by the US military to stop any possible action to help Uyghars in China. The situation is different now for both countries. The US is now free.

    1. LMAO!!! :))) And what’s the US going to do? According to a study of its own ministery of defence, by 2050 China will have a bigger and more modern army than the USA. And this is on a field where China does not want to compete with the USA.

  4. Keep making the sames mistakes you’ll keep getting the same results. America could be a great country but there is just too much hate, thanks to trump.

    1. No. President Trump initiated the withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan. His plan did not have anything in it that would allow the Taliban to be armed with $80B in military equipment or abandoning Americans and our allies

      Biden wants to now work with the Taliban who are supported by China

  5. The best way to treat a SELF CLEANING OVEN is, not to keep sticking your hands in, and continue to get burned. Just simply lock the oven door and walk away, the oven will clean itself. 🤨🤨🤨

  6. Why are we pretending that they were all gone or wouldn’t come back? It wasn’t a genocide where we hunted down every single solitary grain. We got a good many and we got it’s leader (at the time). Of course, they are back. They were never truly gone.
    Do please keep trying to get our people out of there.

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