1. So sorry for the people.. how about we stop the war in Ukraine wheres at least 8million of people without electricity, water and proper roof above their heads

    1. I just moved out of the USA.

      The evil and greedy are stealing our money.

      R. I. P. Everyone. Do not kill yourselves or others
      You release the souls

      Stop using drugs. Pills etc or die dummies.
      Only the strong survives
      R. I. P

      Heavily block your doors. Be armed inside and out of your home.
      Shave all heads going to jail and send to foreign prisons one way.
      End of our marriage. Deal breakers..
      For the good times Al Green

      It’s your MAN and never say boy or girl. Respect yourselves.

      Everything is less expensive in Queretaro. With my USA pension. The minimum wage is $8.00 per 12-24 hours and 6 days
      Not per hour, but per day.

  2. Winter is very bitter in America, and I feel cold from here just to watch this video, but it is very beautiful and great in my country Egypt, and I would like to thank the staff of this channel because it has helped me a lot to learn English, because I would like to create another YouTube channel other than my basic channel and be in English, thank you ❤

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