1. When cops arrived, Paul’s attacker was wearing undies. Even Paul was.

    You think it’s political? I think Paul was playing hide the sausage.

  2. Let me get this straight… it’s alarming if people harass Dems but it’s Ok and celebrated when it happens to the Republicans. People are smarter than that!

    1. Your part of the problem, in addition to republicans, you all are what you hate and you hate it. Keep drinking that koolaid and blindly hold your political allegiance

  3. It is sad that people choosing evil (to rule with Satan) have no fear in dying in nonexistence with no God to keep them company.… No matter… To each your own …it is what it is.… Souls aren’t meant for everybody.

  4. Sometimes you just want to “punch em in the face” as Nancy says…….but, you don’t, because you know there’s a better way. Vote them OUT if you think they are NOT serving the people.

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