Three American fighters missing in Ukraine, feared captured

Three American fighters missing in Ukraine, feared captured 1


  1. My first instinct was to think there would be some kind of deal to release the prisoners in exchange for something.

    However, it’s not in either country’s best interest. America cannot give concessions as they are supplying Ukraine with weapons and Russia cannot not-kill foreign volunteers as they want to demotivate foreigners to come fight for Ukraine.
    I fear the fate of these men has been sealed.

    1. @Rob – Maybe you should go over there and tell them that. Because I doubt they care. Nor should they. The US and NATO violates the Geneva convention all the time.

  2. It is better to discuss on the news the 3 captured Americans, than hundreds of US instructors and “volunteers” that have been killed there in Ukraine by Russian airstrikes over the last 4 months.

  3. Even tho they were warned NOT to go, and the President was very clear they would not be extracted, are these reports supposed to garner support to pressure the Govt??
    I totally respect those who made that decision, but we shouldn’t have to pour money any resources with they were advised.

    1. Yes, the whole world knows how Americans accept all refugees and save all those who run away, but only those who could catch on the wheel of a plane taking off

    1. Well to be fair Russia should face the consequences for invading an independent nation but I agree theres no reason Americans should be over there.

  4. If they are in Russian custody there is a chance for their survival, if the DPR/LPR has them sadly just like those two British Mercenaries, their fates are sealed. They very well all may go into unmarked holes in the ground.

    1. @Yakiv Popavich 1) these men are not mercenaries according to the Geneva Convention
      2) Russia 100% is one nation who has signed and agreed to the geneva convention

    2. @swirly squirrel I doubt you really want it. It won’t be fun “after Russia” – Dead Hand will get you 😜 do some research.

  5. They’ve been captured and it been confirmed. Third guy has been missing since March I think after an unsuccessful Ukrainian attack in the Kherson region.

  6. 5:02 May not be a good idea for his mother to talk about what he’s doing there, considering he’s captured by the enemy.

    1. *He was serving the military industrial complex as a slave and he was very well paid for it* .

  7. I dont know, but they adults and especially soldiers, so i think they knew the risk if they get captured.

    1. These dogs are dog death!!!! At best, send to Siberia for 25 years to remove snow, and there is a lot of it …
      “Poor and unfortunate” hunters who came on a safari to the Russian people.

  8. Reports coming out that Ukrainian fighters have started surrendering in Azot plant at Severodonetsk. 2500 fighters including 500 foreigners are trapped there.

  9. “feared captured” there’s literally videos of them being interviewed and describing how they were captured.

    1. These dogs are dog death!!!! At best, send to Siberia for 25 years to remove snow, and there is a lot of it …
      “Poor and unfortunate” hunters who came on a safari to the Russian people.

  10. The settlements of Vrubovka and Semigorye were liberated from the Ukrainian fascists.

    The AFU grouping in Novolugansk and Uglegorskaya TPP is completely surrounded. For the AFU groups defending Gorskoye and Zolotoye, things have seriously deteriorated.

    The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the army of the LPR and the Chechen Regardie took Vrubovka. Semigorye “Wagner”.

    In addition, yesterday in the village of Boshtanka, Mykolaiv region, a location with about 200 foreign mercenaries was destroyed.
    The analysis of the rubble continues. There are no survivors.

  11. They thought it would be like their previous missions. Where they fought against cavemen with AK’s
    They were wrong.

  12. Honestly it serves them right! They’re fighting for another country and not their own! They should have known what they were getting themselves into!

  13. We have the same law as the USA in our country that if any citizen serves in a foreign army or militia without the governments permission, will result in three years imprisonment. A work around for foreign soldiers of fortune, would be to contract as “security service or protection services”. Another work around would be to renounce your birth citizenship and aquire the citizenship of the foreign country you are serving, so you are no longer seen as a US citizen but a citizen of the country you are serving. Quite why Ukraine did not grant all foreigners who wish to fight for Ukraine, Ukranian citizenship, before sending them into battle is beyond me, so that they could avoid all the legal problems and save their birth countries from foreign policy embarrassment.

  14. They’re brave, I’ll give em that. But going there fighting in a war they don’t truly understand was incredibly stupid.

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